MinXus Mail Bag: A heavy dose of spiritual healing from The Blessed Father (San Diego, California, USA)

Blessed Father - 1

Mail-art by The Blessed Father (San Diego, California, USA)

Down on the Mink Ranch, we have not taken much interest in mail order quacks and preachers since the days of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his orgone products and the Church of the Sub Genius. However, The Blessed Father has captured our attention. So we were tickled pink to receive this mailing and welcome him to the Mink Ranch. We feel secure, out here on an isolated ranch as we are, that one of our fold has been given license by The Blessed Father to intervene when medical assistance might be required.

Blessed Father - 3

This certainly is a wonderful addition to the ever-expanding MinXus USA archives.

Blessed Father - 2

Many thanks to The Blessed Father. We look forward to establishing a regular correspondence!


Poems “Out of Nothing” from Rebecca Guyver


Rebecca is making colour studies, and lucky us, there was a bit of leftover paint, enough for her to create this wonderful postcard for the Manoir aux Visons that I am very happy to share here on Minxus-Lynxus. Those are great colours indeed, and a whole lot of poetry in only a few square centimeters. The card comes with a dashing lacquered texture and has a very pleasant slight heaviness in one’s hands.

* I want to precise that when I say Poems out of nothing, those are Rebecca’s words!



This second envelope from the Nayland Farm arrived no longer after. Rebecca edited a postcard she received from Japan and made an envelope out of it. Very elegant. And sponsored by no mistake by Minxus Suffolk and Ambassador E (OTM) for the perfect finishing touch.


Special New Year’s greetings with poem and friend (but without a hat, is this possibly possible?)
Many thanks Rebecca for this stunning and very thoughtful mail!

“Henry Adams lose 25 lbs.! of truth about graphic nude Fluxus periscope franchise” by Dark wall

Henry Adams lose 25 lbs! of truth about graphic nude Fluxus periscope franchise


Rare Empress Marie relics and art inspire Dark wall to open the Empress Marie Wax Museum and Water Park at the Mink Ranch

Marie - 1.27.13 - 1

Mail-art by Empress Marie Antonette (Saitama, Japan). This is a classic visual poem by Empress Marie with a mysterious white stain.

The acquisition of new art by Empress Marie and rare MinXus relics dating to the days of her childhood have inspired Dark wall to open the Empress Marie Wax Museum & Water Park at the Mink Ranch. This exciting new addition to the Mink Ranch will provide tenderfoots with a multi-media narrative of Empress Marie’s childhood in Alsace, her adventures, and one of the world’s finest collections of her artwork and writing. “I will display authentic Empress Marie relics, and I am creating a series of dioramas with wax figurines,” said Dark wall.

Marie - 1.27.13 - 2

Found material torn by Empress Marie and a copy of her personal request for submissions to the historic First International Exhibition of Holes.

Marie - 1.27.13 - 3

More found material and personal message from Empress Marie to Dark wall.

Marie - 1.27.13 - 4

A very rare, phallus-like visual poem by Empress Marie and acquired by Dark wall for the Empress Marie Wax Museum and Water Park at the Mink Ranch.

Marie - 1.27.13 - 5

Here is one of the great crown jewels in the new Empress Marie collection: A page bearing handwriting by Empress Marie (or her sister) when she was only seven or eight years old (with authentication note). Here is the shopping list on the reverse side:

Marie - 1.27.13 - 6

This is very possibly one of the most rare and important MinXus relics on the planet, and soon Tenderfoots – for a very modest admission price – will be able to see the authentic item as part of a guided tour along with biographical information never before disclosed.

Marie - 1.27.13 - 7

Empress Marie’s visual poetry acquired for the new museum. Here is the reverse side:

Marie - 1.27.13 - 8

A personal message from the Empress to Dark wall. Want to know more about the Mystery of the Cryptic Circles? The Monkey Purge? G-Man? Nancy the Nanny? You will find it all at the Empress Marie Wax Museum and Water Park!

Marie - 1.27.13 - 9

Another important acquisition for the museum is this incredible (and rare) example of Empress Marie’s Holism.

Marie - 1.27.13 - 10

MinXus stamps and envelope art will also be on permanent exhibit.

Marie - 1.27.13 - 11

Make sure to check the MinXus-Lynxus blogs for news concerning the Empress Marie Wax Museum and Water Park!

MinXus-Lynxus First International Exhibition of Holes – Thom Courcelle (Seattle, USA)


After Dark wall’s “SKIN arks” we stay deep in the world of the sea with this mail art by Thom Courcelle.

Do they eat lobster in Seattle? I don’t know. But this is a stunning aquarelle, Thom!


Thom very kindly sent back his contribution to the MinXus-Linxus Exhibition of Holes.

The making of a hole:

I prepared the destined

space with a pin needle,

then used my


It was a



Bonus medium:

airplane sticker


Beautiful work, completed to perfection by the envelope below:



Oh dear. Looks like poor Thom is overbooked, to say the least. This is going to be a long winter… Well, I hope Thom can find a way to fit in more mail-art in this extremely busy schedule. Meanwhile, many thanks to him for this fantastic new entry to the Exhibition of Holes!


Dark wall’s “SKIN ARKS ould know”

SKINS ARKS ould know


Socking revelation from Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK) – now feet-ured in the International Exhibition of Holes

Rebecca - hole - 1

Mail-art by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Our dear friend Miss Becca sent from her Nayland Chicken Ranch this intriguing and most  ingenious contribution to the First International Exhibition of Holes.

We resist revelling in the thought that poor Empress Marie will be absolutely green with envy when she discovers this conceptual triumph is now ensconced safely and for the ages in the MinXus USA collection. However, we should have warned Miss Becca never to send Dark wall women’s footwear of any sort. Sadly, the piece has been slightly ravaged and ill-used, but not beyond repair.

Dearest Tenderfoots, can you see what Miss Becca has done? We do not have the exact terminology, but she stuffed or placed a thick postcard inside a sock, stocking, or “footsie.”  Maybe wrapped – Christo-like – is most precise. Regardless, the sock does represent a hole. Sending the piece through the postal system in this fashion is certainly following the most refined practices of mail-art. Here is the reverse side before the sock/stocking was removed:

Rebecca - hole - 2

Lovely stamps from our most faithful Ambassador in Guivry! And Miss Becca writes: “DEAR DARK WALL A GENUINE HOLE FROM SUFFOLK TOE MADE FROM TOO MUCH DANCIN.” We shall certainly cherish our most rare Suffolk hole here at the Mink Ranch. Here is a another view of this most amazing work:

Rebecca - hole - 3

Hopefully you can clearly see how the sock encases the card. Here is the part where perhaps Dark wall went too far. He could not rest until the sock had been completely removed (although it has now been since re-assembled showing some wear-and-tear):

Rebecca - hole - 4

A revelation ! Is it not oh most faithful Tenderfoots?

The unenlightened might say: “But Miss Becca sent you her sock!”

We would reply: “No, Miss Becca sent us her art. We are exceedingly grateful.”

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