Toe-tally MinXus – MinXus USA Acquires New Work by Empress Marie Antonette Including the Masterwork “The 33rd Death of MinXus”

Authentic impressions of Empress Marie’s toes (detail of a larger work)

MinXus USA is thrilled to share scans of recently acquired work by Empress Marie Antonette. Only one other toe-print piece is known to exist; it is held in the collection of Grigori Antonin (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) along with one of her teeth she sent him. The new acquisitions also include stunning visual poetry by the Empress:

Her recent interest in lexicons is revealed in the work above as well as in several more literary pieces that appear in this posting. We think this is a particularly stunning work:

Outstanding use of color, composition, and found material. While not scanned well, this haptic choptstick assemblage (below) is a stellar and unique work:

Entitled “The 33rd Death of MinXus – a vision of the empress,” the work makes numerous references to Dark wall’s visual poetry, especially “Stations of the Cross.” The chopsticks, of course, form a cross as well as the letter X. The Empress is specifically referencing “The CruciFluxion of Dark wall” and the demise of MinXus prior to its rebirth celebrated in “The Treaty of Alsace.” We find clear references to the Monkey Purge and the cryptic circles.

The chopsticks are secured with bandaids, which were used frequently by Dark wall in his vispo circe the era of “Stations of the Cross.” The bandaids were a reference to “Bandaged Orchestra” and its metaphorical possibilities.

It will take further study to determine if all the birth-death-rebirth cycles of MinXus are encoded in the piece. We expect it is possible, which would make “The 33rd Death of MinXus” not only a major MinXus visual poem but an epic record of its history.

We have obtained several pages of Empress Marie’s lexicon. These are being circulated elsewhere, but we are pleased to have what essentially constitutes originals:

Another page:

Acquisitions include Japanese cowboy ephemera from the Empress:

The decorated envelopes qualify as mail-art as well as useful for purposes of documentation:

Wonderful MinXus stamps!

It is our great honour and joy indeed to enter these stunning works into the MinXus USA permanent collection.


What is MinXus-AYNE?

Katerina is sending us news from the Greek MinXus-LynXus front. A new branch of MinXus has been found, named AYNE.

AYNE is clearly playing for the Lynx team, but that’s about all we know of it. I think we need some help with the greek translation here. What exactly is MinXus-AYNE?

Meanwhile, the blue minks below happily welcome this new member of the ever growing MinXus family.

Breaking News from the French Resistance: E – Ambassador of Utopia – courageously expresses support for the Empress Marie!

We have been fans of the Ambassador of Utopia for a very long time – a fount of wisdom, charming, a philosopher, historian, scientist, diplomat  – an artist of unparalleled talent.  We never dreamed he would fly the flag of MinXus among his other distinguished affiliations, yet now he has.

No hero shall go unrewarded or unforgotten! Automatic admittance to the Order of the Tangerine Mink!

MinXus mail to Rebecca “Miss Becca” Guyver (Suffolk, UK) – Good Luck Poker Card!

We are sending Miss Becca a MinX Kit of all sorts of Mink Ranch souvenirs. So as not to spoil the surprise, we won’t show you everything. But we did want you to see this souvenir Good Luck Poker Card that Dark wall framed special for Miss Becca.

Last night Dw was the big winner in the Friday night poker game in the Bunk House.

This mornin’ in the Dinin Room, Dw saw me aready to toss out this egg cartoon. Dw hollars, “Whoa rancher, let me have that there egg cartoon! I am fixin to send Miss Becca one of my winnin cards from the night afore, as I dont believe in hoardin luck. I figure this card will bring Miss Becca powerful luck on her poultry farm. That there egg cartoon will be perfect for framin it up.”

So Dw commenced to makin this fine souvenir for Miss Becca that I have to say myself is a might fine piece of work – all pressive with Dw’s personal stamp spellin his name in Japanese – we are very pleased to be throwin in the mailbag.

Asemic poetry, visual poetry, concrete poetry by Dark wall: “The Quest for the Cryptic Circles”

Brain Cell #837 – Featuring Dark wall’s original MinXus stamps


MinXus Welcomes Our Newest Sponsor

Dark wall’s favorite!

Macho Man Slim Jim Explosion

Take a break from chores…

Virus hits Newfoundland mink farms Wasting disease likely to require cull of female animals

And chew the fat with us!

And don’t forget to order:

Gunslinger 1 & 2

The all-time Ol’ West fav in the Mink Ranch Bunk House.

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