Save the MinXus Saturday Night Bunk House Cinema Series

After Dark wall quit (or was he fired? It’s not clear) hosting the Saturday Night Bunkhouse Cinema Series earlier this week, the feature is left without direction and threats of cancelation have been uttered. This is the first and probably only time the Empress is hosting the Saturday Night Cinema Series, so please go get your giant Gulp, sit down and try to watch as much as you can bear.

Worth waiting for. As an appetiser, the legendary scene from Ice Cold In Alex (1958)

The kiss compilation. After last week’s strippers I think we need something torridly romantic. Like kisses. Lots of kisses. This is the final scene from Cinema Paradiso, where director Salvatore comes back to his native village and gets a present from former friend and projectionist Alfredo: all the kisses censored by the local priest (much to the outrage of the audience) back in the days of his childhood’s Sunday Cinema. Maybe the movie played a little too much on emotional manipulation, but those vintage kisses are… quite nice.

Vox Pop. In case you haven’t left yet, a bit of good old British comedy the way we like it. You might need subtitles (no not really).

He says he wants to buy you flowers. And to finish the evening with elegance, a classic moment of French embarrassment. Whitney Houston meets Serge Gainsbourg. I don’t know if he was drunk or not. He might look and sound like a creep but he was nonetheless a genius. A classic of the french 80’s. How embarrassing, though…

You are probably all gone by now…..

Mr Cleanup’s Dial-A-Bin / 8227-8000


* No mink was harmed in the making of this picture

MinXus Mail Bag: Is Rebecca Resinski’s (Conway, Arkansas, USA) mail-art a case of unintentional Holism?

rebecca r. - 1

Mail-art by Rebecca Resinski (Conway, Arkansas, USA)

Sometimes asemic writer and always engaging artist Rebecca Resinski sent us this stitched piece entitled “Solstice Spiral.” Meditating upon its beauty, we saw that – counter to the intention – this piece can easily be viewed as a hole and thus an entry in the MinXus-Lynxus International Exhibition of Holes. So as Dark wall so often says, we have acquired two stones from one bird. Or is it a hole in the hand is worth two in the bush?

rebecca r. - 2

Regardless, many thanks for more great mail-art from Rebecca Resinski!

Dark wall’s asemic calligraphy with plastic comb – the outtakes

comb - outtake - 1


Dark wall – our beloved Pip – made a bit of an unexpected splash with his asemic calligraphy written with a plastic comb. The series, a performance likely never to be repeated, produced five works. We now post the remaining two that Dark wall felt, and still believes, should not be shared with anyone.

comb - outtake - 2

MinXus Mail Bag: Fatima Queiroz (Santos, Brazil) sends visual poetry, concrete poetry, asemic poetry

fatima - march - 1

Visual poetry, concrete poetry, asemic poetry by Fatima Queiroz (Gonzaga Santos, Brazil)

Fatima Queiroz has already made one appearance at the Mink Ranch. We are thrilled to be able to share with you this second installment of her fabulous work. We believe Fatima combines elements of visual poetry, concrete poetry, and asemics to achieve these stunning results.

Brazil has been a center of visual and concrete poetry for decades. As Fatima’s work testifies, the practice is still alive and vital there:

fatima - march - 2

An absolute stunner that uses concrete poetry structures and overlaid text to produce asemic characters.

fatima - march - 3

An extraordinary piece of visual poetry that integrates image and text.

fatima - march - 4

Interesting work on the black & white side of things.

fatima - march - 5

A work that is more traditional in its orientation.

fatima - march - 6

The mail-art network remains a major conduit for visual poets to exchange original, hard copy works and books:

fatima - march - 7

And the reverse:

fatima - march - 8

Many thanks to Fatima Queiroz!

Empress Marie to Guest Hostess MinXus Saturday Night Bunk House Cinema Series – Saturday – Be There or Be Square


Mink Ranch promotion by Dark wall

Spend an intimate evening with Empress Marie Antonette – star of The TOXIS Adventure – as she shares one of her favourite videos with the Bunk House gang.

Special guest Dark wall – author of The TOXIS Adventure – will provide commentary.

Sponsored by Bio-Groom Mink Oil Conditioner

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And our friends at 7-11:

The standard 7-Eleven Gulp Scale for fountain drinks!




First thing in the morning


That’s what it said on the multi-vit’ juice carton. Minxus’ own way of dealing with trash.

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