MinXus Mail Bag: New Visual Poetry & Asemics by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Matt - 4.14.2015 - 1

Mail art by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Matthew Stolte, a longtime fave MinXus-Lynxus visual poet, sent us this batch of colorful yet language-centered vispo that includes a fair share of asemics and shows a concrete poetry derivation.

Matt - 4.14.2015 - 2

Matt Stolte has been doing some knock-out collabs lately. While preserving the originals, we think we will try our hand at adding some new elements to copies of some of these pieces. This batch of vispo raises some interesting questions about when any work of art or writing can be considered “finished” and if leaving a piece “unfinished” can amount to an aesthetic choice. The piece above seems finished to us. Some of the others do not. Here is a piece Matt Stolte sent that uses a DVS concrete poem as a foundation.

Matt - 4.14.2015 - 4

Another classically Matthew Stolte visual poem:

Matt - 4.14.2015 - 3

The envelope included a note from Matt Stolte clarifying intentions:

Matt - 4.14.2015 - 5

And the usual suspects:

Matt - 4.15.2015 - 6

Many thanks to Matthew Stolte of Madison, Visconsin!

A permanent fixture in our blogroll, Matt’s Construction Sea is a blog with which anyone interested in vispo must stay current:


Remix: Two Asemic Object Poems by Karen Champlin (Highland Park, Illinois, USA)


Asemic object poem (2010) by Karen Champlin (Highland Park, Illinois, USA)



Asemic object poem (2010) by Karen Champlin (Highland Park, Illinois, USA)

MinXus Mail Bag: The (In)Famous Diane Keys & Richard Canard Collab (Elgin & Carbondale, Illinois, USA)

DK - 4.12.2015 - 1

Mail art doodle collab by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA), Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA) and Egg Tooth

Any collaborative effort involving reigning Queen of Trash Diane Keys and the venerable postal institution Richard Canard is worthy of some network buzz. We believe this contribution to Diane Keys’ doodle collab concept (above), even if a copy, is sensational and worthy of proper documentation. The enigmatic Egg Tooth accidentally stepped into network history by participating as well.

While the Keys/Canard collab is the obvious attraction, DK included some other interesting material in this mailing:

DK - 4.12.2015 - 2

Doodle collab by Diane and Mason Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)

Here is a DK doodle collab (D-Kollab?) starter piece:

DK - 4.12.2015 - 3

Essentially, this is a very interesting add & pass variant. Some non-doodle material was included as well:

DK - 4.12.2015 - 4

And the envelope:

DK - 4.12.2015 - 5

DK - 4.12.2015 - 6

DK - 4.12.2015 - 7

As ever, many thanks to DK!

MinXus Mail Bag: Dressed to Ill with Moan Lisa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Moan - 4.11.2015 - 1

Mail art by Moan Lisa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Perhaps Moan Lisa knows we are looking for a MinXus-Lynxus 2015 “Happening” concept.

We have had a “Happening” every year since our founding. Last year we sponsored the Who Has The Best Hair Contest to much acclaim. Who could forget the International Exhibition of Holes? The Can You Draw The Mink Contest? The global refrigerator performances?

This year our progress has been sluggish. The Glam Revival collapsed before it began. The Diane Keys Look-A-Like Contest has potential; but we have not yet made an official announcement. Now we have the International Best-Dressed Challenge to Consider. Here at the Mink Ranch, we are sitting on a fence.

Moan 4.11.2015 - 2

Dearest Tenderfoots, concerning the 2015 MinXus-Lynxus Happening, we can only tell you one thing officially: “Nothing is official concerning the 2015 MinXus-Lynxus Happening.” At least now we have one piece of official mail art concerning the unofficial 2015 MinXus-Lynxus Happening. Deepest thanks to Moan!


MinXus Mail Bag: Not Yeti by Thomas Brown aka Bhomas Trown (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Brown - 4.11.2015 - 1

Mail art by Thomas Brown aka Bhomas Trown (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

The ever-ironic, ever-witty and resourceful Thomas Brown of BalTIMORE (thank you tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE) sent us another relatively minimal, text-centered piece. This one is a gallery invitation but works wonderfully as mail art as well:

Brown - 4.11.2015 - 2

We admire the wordplay and, perhaps even more here than in previous work, think of Ben Vautier’s postcards and how effective they are.

Thanks again to Thomas Brown!

MinXus Mail Bag: Add & Pass by liketelevisionsnow (Tamworth, New Hampshire, USA)

ltvs 4.10.2015 - 1

Mail art by liketelevisionsnow (Tamworth, New Hampshire, USA)

As some of our recent postings testify – and this work sent by liketelevisionsnow affirms – the add & pass is alive and well as one of the mail art network’s most original forms. The pleasing aesthetics and fine use of the cryptic as well as the absurd often present in the work of liketelevisionsnow are evident in this “starter” document.

ltvs - 4.10.2015 - 2

We will be sure to add and pass along to an appropriate party.

liketelevisionsnow is currently hosting an interesting mail art call entitled “Privacy is the Next Revolution.” We think that is a FAB concept, and the work is already arriving:


If you would like to participate, an address is immediately and clearly visible here:


As ever, many thanks to ltvs!

Scannerpo by Finn Badger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

finn badger scannerpo1

Spontaneous scannerbed composition by Finn Badger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Finn Badger wrote: “I do sometimes think I should get a new scanner, as this one is very temperamental, and getting more and more reluctant to scan. But then every now and again it makes its own art, so I’m more and more reluctant to axe it. And I never think these thoughts near it, since it has a mind of its own, makes its own art, and so who knows what else it might be capable of?I often play around with the scanner art to see what other effects come out.

“Inverted goat envelope/hand.”

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