MinXus Mail Bag: Vispo Collabs by Jim Leftwich and Evan Damerow (Roanoke, Virginia, USA)

Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 1

Mail art by Jim Leftwich and Evan Damerow (Roanoke, Virginia, USA)

This summer we received two large packages of mail art from visual poet Jim Leftwich in Roanoke, the first of which (chronologically) we are documenting in this blog. The vast majority of the pieces are collaborations between Jim Leftwich and Evan Damerow. (The exception is one very interesting asemic work at the end.) According to Facebook, Evan Damerow resides in New Zealand. His work was unknown to us before the arrival of this missive.

While Jim Leftwich seems to us inclined toward the prolific naturally, we attribute some of this outpouring of work this summer to the 2015 Marginal Arts Festival. The event seems to have been a great success and a perusal of the documentation will be rewarding to Tenderfoots, no doubt:

afterMAF 2015 Day 2 - 100_6459

The Anti-Brain Rot mail art call and exhibition also accompanied the festival, which occurred in July (2015). Here is some partial documentation of the entries via C. Mehrl Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA):


Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 2

Unless otherwise indicated, all the pieces shown here are Jim Leftwich-Evan Damerow collabs.

Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 3

These Leftwich-Damerow collabs hold specific interest to the trashpoets and D-Kulters in the network (many of whom are rabid followers of our humble blog), as Jim Leftwich is acknowledged as having created some of the earliest Trashpo (2005). These pieces (the current work shown here) use found material, have the organic structure so recognizable in most Trashpo and also show the anti-art stance and the On the Road spontaneity of Trashpo composition.

Trashpo is a form of visual poetry. (Many current practitioners are either unaware of or disregard this fact). The pieces documented here make abundant and innovative use of text, text-image associations and juxtapositions, cut up, disruption, asemics and other approaches that are related to poetry and the poetic as well as the tenets of Trashpo rather than mere collage. In short, they are excellent examples. The work transcends Trashpo in many ways yet still offers insights into Trashpo theory and practice for the working trashpoet.

Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 4

Jim L. - 8.25.2015 - 5

Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 6

Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 7

Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 8

Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 10(A)

A bonus in the package was the piece below: “Spirit Writing” by Jim Leftwich (1997), a piece of historical significance because it was made so early in the context of the current thriving and burgeoning asemic movement. Jim Leftwich, however, and as many know, has reservations concerning the use of the term “asemic” and having his own work labeled as asemic writing. So we encourage Tenderfoots to consider the perspective of visual poetry here, although we believe the tide of history is very likely to identify Jim Leftwich as an asemic writer (among other designations):

Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 9

A closer look:

Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 10

Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 11

Jim L - 8.25.2015 - 12

Many thanks to Jim Leftwich and Evan Damerow!

MinXus Mail Bag: Subscription Opus by Jude Weirmeir (San Diego, California, USA)

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 1

Mail art by Jude Weirmeir (San Diego, California, USA)

We have received some absolutely marvelous pieces by Jude Weirmeir, including the FAB issue #49 of his Subscription Opus zine. Understandably, this amazing issue has attracted attention and garnered praise elesewhere. So we will share the covers and not attempt a full scale, digital reproduction of the contents. The issue is a three-dimensional, accordion maze that also serves as a musical score.

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 2

To learn more, we direct you to the Jude Weirmeir Facebook page:


And another link:


More mail from Jude Weirmeir!

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 3

The other side:

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 4

We have also received, so far, six postcards that are part of another Subscription Opus, this time a puzzle-score. Jude Weirmeir is doing some remarkably innovative work combining music composition and the conceptual wing of mail art.

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 5

On the reverse sides:

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 6

Two more:

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 7

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 8

Many thanks to Jude Weirmeir for this very innovative work!

Mail Art Call by Jim Leftwich for Roanoke/Collab Fest – Deadline Approaching! (Roanoke, Virginia, USA)

Jim - 6.13.2015 - 1

Some Tenderfoots know him simply as “Jesus Jim,” inventor of Trashpo.

Others know him as Jim Leftwich, a visual poet and theorist of great distinction. Regardless, if you visit our humble blog then you are called upon to send mail art to this year’s event in Virginia, which is associated with the former Marginal Arts Festival.

Note that the deadline is June 27, 2015!


422 Walnut SE#2

Roanoke, VA 24014-USA

Jim - 6.13.2015 - 2

For more information:


MinXus Mail Bag: “I am paying for this microphone, Mr. Green” says Sinclair Scripa (Ludlow, Vermont, USA)

Sinclair - 5.12.2015 - 1

Mail art by Sinclair Scripa (Ludlow, Vermont, USA)

Not since the days when folks such as Blaster Al and David Zack mailed out fake solicitations for disabled children’s scholarship funds in order to raise beer money do we actually know of anyone who has donated real money to a mail art charity scam – until now. Tenderfoot Sinclair Scripa – aka Tanya – a winner of the Who Has The Best Hair Contest no less – has made a contribution to KDJ’s liver transplant fund, which of course is a fiction. We are confident “Tanya” knows this and the dollar is really being donated for artistic purposes. And Tanya freed herself from more worldly burdens:

Sinclair - 5.12.2015 - 2

Tanya is making a reference here to the “Send Ca$h” internet scam currently being run by former Neoist Stewart Home. Again, the scam being run by Stewart Home, we are confident, is performance art, as is Tanya’s response displayed upon our humble blog.

Sinclair - 5.12.2015 - 3

We are not entirely sure that this mailing does not constitute some sort of paid advertising upon our humble blog. So we leave it to you, dear Tenderfoots, to compose disclaimers in your fertile minds. Sinclair Scripa-Tanya included a charming, crumpled, slightly non-linear rant involving Moan Lisa and some dolls:

Sinclair - 5.13.2015 - 4

Some wonderful art is found on the reverse side:

Sinclair - 5.13.2015 - 5

Here is another lovely piece by Sinclair Scripa:

Sinclair - 5.13.2015 - 6

We removed a rubber whoopee cushion that was attached because we felt it did not meet our standards of decorum.

Note: Due to complaints received, a scan of the whoopee cushion included in the mailing is now added:

Sinclair - 5.13.2015 - 9

The painted envelope is excellent as well:

Sinclair - 5.13.2015 - 7

Sinclair Scripa-Tanya uses the envelope as a place to celebrate the great (sadly deceased) Russian mail artist Pig DaDa.

Sinclair - 5.13.2015 - 8

Many thanks to Tanya!

MinXus Mail Bag: Jude Weirmeir Scores! (San Diego, California, USA)

jude - 5.1.2015 - 1

Mail art by Jude Weirmeir (San Diego, California, USA)

Musician and composer Jude Weirmeir sent us two great pieces that involve what we consider to be non-traditional musical scoring. Lines between auditory and visual art genres are blurred in this work. We even find a connection to food and taste. Given the nature of these scores, they could safely be called event scores. They could be considered scripts for performance art as well. We are not surprised Jude Weirmeir would invoke Fluxus on the reverse side:

jude - 5.1.2015 - 2

The piece is fun and a visual poem in its own right; this is a real example of Intermedia. Fluxus folk are and have been and involved with the art-in-life aspects of food, including the performance dimension. Alison Knowles’ classic The Identical Lunch performance is another example:

Jude Weirmeir has made a substantial contribution in the area as well.

A second piece received from Jude Weirmeir also uses the event score format:

Jude - 5.1.2015 - 4

We are reminded of classic event scores by George Brecht in particular; and of course John Cage compositions serve as a larger prototype. Here is the Drip Music score by George Brecht:

drip music1

Here is the reverse side of the card from Jude Weirmeir:

Jude - 5.1.2015 - 3

Deepest thanks to Jude Weirmeir for sending us this mail art compositions-event scores. We are always thrilled to add material like this to the MinXus Archives.

MinXus Mail Bag: Dressed to Ill with Moan Lisa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Moan - 4.11.2015 - 1

Mail art by Moan Lisa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Perhaps Moan Lisa knows we are looking for a MinXus-Lynxus 2015 “Happening” concept.

We have had a “Happening” every year since our founding. Last year we sponsored the Who Has The Best Hair Contest to much acclaim. Who could forget the International Exhibition of Holes? The Can You Draw The Mink Contest? The global refrigerator performances?

This year our progress has been sluggish. The Glam Revival collapsed before it began. The Diane Keys Look-A-Like Contest has potential; but we have not yet made an official announcement. Now we have the International Best-Dressed Challenge to Consider. Here at the Mink Ranch, we are sitting on a fence.

Moan 4.11.2015 - 2

Dearest Tenderfoots, concerning the 2015 MinXus-Lynxus Happening, we can only tell you one thing officially: “Nothing is official concerning the 2015 MinXus-Lynxus Happening.” At least now we have one piece of official mail art concerning the unofficial 2015 MinXus-Lynxus Happening. Deepest thanks to Moan!


MinXus Mail Bag: Not Yeti by Thomas Brown aka Bhomas Trown (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Brown - 4.11.2015 - 1

Mail art by Thomas Brown aka Bhomas Trown (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

The ever-ironic, ever-witty and resourceful Thomas Brown of BalTIMORE (thank you tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE) sent us another relatively minimal, text-centered piece. This one is a gallery invitation but works wonderfully as mail art as well:

Brown - 4.11.2015 - 2

We admire the wordplay and, perhaps even more here than in previous work, think of Ben Vautier’s postcards and how effective they are.

Thanks again to Thomas Brown!

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