MinXus Mail Bag: Subscription Opus by Jude Weirmeir (San Diego, California, USA)

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 1

Mail art by Jude Weirmeir (San Diego, California, USA)

We have received some absolutely marvelous pieces by Jude Weirmeir, including the FAB issue #49 of his Subscription Opus zine. Understandably, this amazing issue has attracted attention and garnered praise elesewhere. So we will share the covers and not attempt a full scale, digital reproduction of the contents. The issue is a three-dimensional, accordion maze that also serves as a musical score.

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 2

To learn more, we direct you to the Jude Weirmeir Facebook page:


And another link:


More mail from Jude Weirmeir!

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 3

The other side:

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 4

We have also received, so far, six postcards that are part of another Subscription Opus, this time a puzzle-score. Jude Weirmeir is doing some remarkably innovative work combining music composition and the conceptual wing of mail art.

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 5

On the reverse sides:

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 6

Two more:

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 7

Jude - 7.1.2015 - 8

Many thanks to Jude Weirmeir for this very innovative work!


MinXus Mail Bag: Jude Weirmeir Scores! (San Diego, California, USA)

jude - 5.1.2015 - 1

Mail art by Jude Weirmeir (San Diego, California, USA)

Musician and composer Jude Weirmeir sent us two great pieces that involve what we consider to be non-traditional musical scoring. Lines between auditory and visual art genres are blurred in this work. We even find a connection to food and taste. Given the nature of these scores, they could safely be called event scores. They could be considered scripts for performance art as well. We are not surprised Jude Weirmeir would invoke Fluxus on the reverse side:

jude - 5.1.2015 - 2

The piece is fun and a visual poem in its own right; this is a real example of Intermedia. Fluxus folk are and have been and involved with the art-in-life aspects of food, including the performance dimension. Alison Knowles’ classic The Identical Lunch performance is another example:

Jude Weirmeir has made a substantial contribution in the area as well.

A second piece received from Jude Weirmeir also uses the event score format:

Jude - 5.1.2015 - 4

We are reminded of classic event scores by George Brecht in particular; and of course John Cage compositions serve as a larger prototype. Here is the Drip Music score by George Brecht:

drip music1

Here is the reverse side of the card from Jude Weirmeir:

Jude - 5.1.2015 - 3

Deepest thanks to Jude Weirmeir for sending us this mail art compositions-event scores. We are always thrilled to add material like this to the MinXus Archives.

MinXus Mail Bag: Sinclair Scripa Goes from the SLA to the NLB (Ludlow, Vermont, USA)

Sinclair - 4.22.2015 - 1

Mail art by Sinclair Scripa (Ludlow, Vermont, USA)

M-L followers might recognize Tenderfoot Sinclair Scripa as a once bright-eyed, enthusiastic entrant in last year’s Who Has The Best Hair Contest.

In the meantime, life happened. We never believed (but might have been responsible for) the internet rumors that Sinclair is actually (1) Patty Hearst or (2) a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army or (3) Patty Hearst and a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

The rumors only compounded and became more complex when Facebook talk show host and former underground zine illustrator Larry Oberc claimed to have lived in an apartment where Sinclair/Patty/Tanya had been held hostage in a closet (or something).

For a time, we thought we were free of this quagmire and the stories had subsided, especially when Larry Oberc announced emphatically (and diverted attention away from the SLA) that the rock band Blind Faith was responsible for the rise of the Third Reich. That specific set of rumors concerning the SLA, indeed, does seem to have subsided, only to be replaced by an even more fearsome and worrisome acronym: NLB.

We wanted to believe that NLB – the Naughty List Bitches – had disbanded months ago. They were absolutely the worst band in history, and they only released 20 seconds of real music, which is probably a blessing. Otherwise, they were a hoax, a fake band. All this can be forgiven and overlooked. What cannot be overlooked or forgiven is that they were (and are) rude and truly mean-spirited people.

Now, it appears, they are back to torture us again.

Sinclair - 4.22.2015 -2

We like Sinclair Scripa. She has definitely gotten involved with the wrong people. She is never going to get paid. The NLB jackals will eventually discard her and leave her to rot somewhere. All we can say is: Get out and get out now, Tanya.

Microtonal Music Collection by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE

We acquired a link to an extensive collection of microtonal compositions and performances by the Mink Ranch’s favorite (former) Neoist tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE. Our effort to keep track of his work has revealed a quantity and depth never before realized. This collection is extremely well documented, explained and presented. Please dig in!


And a fun link for Tenderfoots who have not yet completed tENT 101:


tentatively - contest - 31

tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE – from the MinXus Who Has The Best Hair Contest

MinXus Mail Bag: Genesis P-Orridge Fan Club with allison anne (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)

allison anne - 3.4.2015 - 1

Mail art by allison anne (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) 

A big “Howdy” and secret Mink Ranch handshake go out to Tenderfoot allison anne who brightens our humble winter blog today with this fantastic, postcard-size collage she sent us. allison anne is a Tenderfoot in terms of MinXus-Lynxus, but she is definitely a wise and discerning music fan, especially in the area of musicians and music who have emerged from or been associated with the Eternal Network.

We had an absolutely delightful and informative online conversation at IUOMA-Ning with allison anne about the legendary Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV and industrial music (if memory serves and it often doesn’t). This inspired us to rant about Genesis’s dealings with William S. Burroughs, Blaster Al Ackerman, Neoism and other related matters that are the stuff of legend, urban legend and secret knowledge.


allison anne - 3.4.2015 - 2

Beyond Tales of Beatnik Glory, we are awed that allison anne is such a fine and accomplished artist. We adore the collage, especially the integration of text and image. We find the band of “silence” across the middle section to be a very powerful statement on a gender-political level as well as on an artistic-self-reflective level.

Deepest thanks to allison anne. We look for ward to more exchanges!

Thinking of Genesis P-Orridge, we dug into the archive and found this collage titled “Throbbing Gristle” that appeared in a European zine circa 1980. Genesis P-Orridge is named as the artist on the contents page:

Throbbing Gristle

MinXus Mail Bag: 2 X Jude Weirmeir (San Diego, California, USA)

Jude - 2.11.2015 - 1

Mail-art by Jude Weirmeir (San Diego, California, USA)

Musician and composer Jude Weirmeir – clearly also talented in the visual-textual realm – is becoming a Mink Ranch regular, which is only a benefit to our humble blog. (We need to send Jude a MinX Kit pronto along with that shiny tin badge deputizing Terry Owenby.) Today we are thrilled to display not one but two postcards received from Jude Weirmeir. Here are the reverse sides:

Jude - 2.11.2015 - 2

We discovered Jude Weirmeir – or he found us – when we were canvassing for West Coast USA mail artists. Perhaps this was a coincidence, but we definitely see him as another California “voice” both highly original and deeply steeped in the aesthetics of the West. We are thrilled to be able to feature so many Californians at MinXus-LynXus as a kind of subgenre. As ever, deepest thanks to Jude Weirmeir.

MinXus Mail Bag: Asemics by Karen Redgreene (Oakland, California, USA)

redgreene - 1.4.2015 - 1

Mail-art by Karen Redgreene (Oakland, California, USA)

We are not ready to declare officially a West Coast Mail-Art Renaissance at MinXus-Lynxus (perhaps the Oakland Renaissance?), but we are thrilled – on the heels of the FAB work by Joey Patrickt – to have received new work by Karen Redgreene. A quick check reveals we have not exchanged work with her since 2012 (although that just doesn’t seem accurate).


We think this postcard-size asemic work is beautiful and highly expressive. While perhaps subjective, we find a visual connection to music.

redgreene - 1.3.2015 - 2

Deepest thanks to Karen Redgreene! It has been too long. Let’s make sure to keep in touch.

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