Mail-art Psychic: January 1, 2013 – Predictions for 2013


Empress Marie’s toe print will appear in a film about flying buttresses

Open an opthalmology clinic in Portland

Grigori Antonin wins three poker games, only one is fatal. So do you feel lucky, punk? Do ya?

Study horses

The deleted mushrooms shall unleash a storm of manacled sleigh bells & you will see the sound in your blender

Miss Theresa William Carlos Williams will receive a letter about The Clarion of Tentacles the crass void would the wooden

KDJ will return to mail-art with shocking revelations about the Tepotzlan clinic, only it won’t be KDJ & it won’t be the truth

Your tale will not be diaphonous

It will be revealed Moan Lisa is a software program invented by robots from the future to destroy Fluxus

Mink gland secretions will transform medicine

The purpose of the ultrasound is to coat the tickler with mouthwash. Eat the cage when the pet shop delivers pouting chickens

Miss Becca will discover a briefcase which she must not open but instead send to the Universal Coffee Shop in Spokane

A craving for bestial treats shall rapture disarmament of the reservoir. The flask of the nod variant

Eliminate wool from your string chickens

Kerri Pullo will invent wax

David Zack is alive & will do an exclusive MinXus-Lynxus interview

You will perform an important errand. When you get out, your silence will be rewarded

Miss Carina will fly to California to buy more duct tape at Walmart where she will meet Not Hi Ng & make a startling discovery concerning ripe hinges

It will be revealed Dustin de Wind is really Blaster Al

Do you have a mint?

No, he decided: the dog was now, inadvertently, infected, and would carry the bugs with him everywhere.

Sometimes he stood in the shower with the dog.

“What are you doing all day in the shower with that damned dog?


Mail-art Psychic: November 8, 2012


You can give a mink a fish, but you cannot teach a mink to fish (I tried)


The socks you choose are a reflection of your_____

Keep warm by wearing clothes.

Holly’s vindication is in the metaphor

Humbert – stay clear of Prince Georges County

health aid

“Father of His Country

“Lumpy” – your search will end in two days

KB receives a hose from Georgia. Causes the imitation of foam

The mail you sent to the British Consul was lost in the Dust Bowl

Wax-producing body part

DA- “Cooked” or “Uncooked”?

“I have wasted my life.” – James Wright

“I have wasted my wife.” – William S. Burroughs

Ashbery wrote “the surrealists were uninteresting from the standpoint of language.”  Then Le Roi jones tells O’Hara about the clubbing of Miles Davis

TL, today you will receive a powerful coaxial. Use it to study the chair.

Play your postcards right, and a new romance awaits.

FR, they are in a better position now to pity your matching clutch.

Mail-Art Psychic: November 1, 2012


If you are left-handed, avoid dirty laundry until 7:00 pm today


A lightweight named Jenny in transition

Release the mannequins

Pork rind statue of DK

Secretary of State Marie Osmond

Backyard fun for JS

Madame So So It Is in “The Waist Band” by T.S. Eliot Loch Ness uses Tar-Rot cards

Every day a winner with Mink Ranch tarot-poker cards!

Holly’s kayak is in the ocean

Spellbinding until dinner

RG – when the stamps arrive, put them in the coffee maker & say:

“I will not be squeamish about the poisoned mendicant” X 7

They have fixtures in Michigan

SW has a sneaker; GA has a drawl

Run and do something. Then run back.

KK – Send the condiments to the tailgate party in Cornwall

You are a Neoist because the cotton mathers

Wear your nose

Mail-art Psychic: October 21, 2012


A Gator Dog or Burger

Smoke signals do not require stamps.


You have extremely good taste.

Holly’s salad plate is above her dinner plate.

Russian space station

KK – The lunch meat has become a liability.

Hard metal beeped says Girl Scout patch

The fleece has developed a craving for the German one.

Goose eggs

Put the fire out as soon as you have finished burning the signal.

Send Joey the cake.

In Salinas there is a flaw.

RG – consider a chad. Is it taller?


Do not open the door. Feel it.

You will be invited to visit a crowded turret.

You need a new dress because Brad was able to convince his mother the dilation was telekinesia

Tire need

Not right now

Snake – Large packages are noticed. A transplant might solve the itch problem, but you still must consider how to address the effects of the tannery.

Official MinXus-Lynxus Position Statement on Anti-MinXus Activities


MinXus Mail Bag – Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK) Receives a Personal Reading from the Mail-Art Psychic

Mail-art by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Last week Miss Becca received our MinX Kit at her Chicken Ranch, and we received a card from her here at the Mink Ranch with a supernatural twist. Her note provides some context:

For several months MinXus-Lynxus has been promising to start an automatic writing revival. In addition to being a subject of interest to the surrealists, automatic writing, of course, is associated with mediums and contacts with the spirit world. By coincidence, a chunk of Trashpo Miss Becca just received in her most recent MinX Kit seems to hint at the supernatural and channel Ray Johnson:

Trashpo by Dark wall sent to Miss Becca

The last stanza roughly translated says:

“Mr. Johnson laughed. ‘You’re

as if the gas real!’

insist we beh hearing her

me res He was us.’

ghosts, of course, said

ight be int”

Spooky, eh?

The automatic writing revival cannot commence until we have completed the Shooting Gallery Project and safely launched Empress Marie’s hole exhibition. So, in lieu of automatic writing, the Mail-art Psychic has agreed to do a personal reading just for Miss Becca. Many tenderfoots have no doubt noted the absence of our Mink Ranch Fortune Teller. We are not at liberty to report on his curious and mysterious comings and goings. For now, he is back, with these messages for Miss Becca:


You are making subtle adjustments to your mushroom decorations


A midget named Danny

Female sheep


The etching is on the dashboard where you left your upholstery in a delivery van.

The upholstery is a coincidence.

Lose 50 lbs.

The difference between Phil Whalen and a swordfish

When the coat arrives, check the pockets

Make sure to drink plenty of water

What is this about a cue ball?

Your search could take a long time

Someone is having second thoughts about your ladder

A tough call, but choose the underpass

A growing compulsion to send G-Man an insulting letter

Raise one leg with knee bent

Tomorrow you will remember you forgot to mail me an expensive gift

Tell the cowboy you would never burn a submarine in a churchyard

Mail-art Psychic: August 23, 2012

You have gingerbread crumbs on your whiskers.

A bag of giggles

“A____ is Hard to ____”

LD – a suit with stiffeners, sometimes called “bones,” will give you the support needed


Holly’s nostrils are filled with subtitles

Stripy Goose enjoys tea with Prince Hairy

The Supreme Trouser Foams, formerly Gang of Four – one hit blunders

Danish cheese is to lingerie as gluttony is to Hamlet

“They’re not like we are.”

GS – send a nail to the Montgomery County Board of Health

Chap sticks

Cerulean blue

You are like everyone else because everyone else is like you

There are several possible reasons why your sandbags are floppier.

Snake – when you come to the fork in the path, you will see a quiver. Use the arrows to grill the blubber that falls from the hidden camera in the stables

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