“The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008” edited by Nico Vassilakis and Crag Hill

vispo - ant - 1

The Last Vispo Anthology does not need whatever small promotion our humble Mink Ranch can offer. It appears to be doing very well. If, however, any tenderfoots with an interest in visual poetry have not seen it, you might want to check out this valuable resource.

vispo - ant - 2

We believe Nico Vassilikis and Crag Hill have done exceptional work organizing and representing a global wave of visual poetry. Crag Hill, in particular, was for many years a force in concrete and visual poetry on the USA West Coast (he seems to now have removed himself to The Heartland). The various iterations of his Score publications are essential.

Here is the main link to the anthology site:


What might be particularly useful is this link to a list of visual poetry blogs and websites. Many visual poets participate in mail-art, so it is a great way to connect:


What is very notable is how male-dominated this list is. Being MinXus-Lynxus, we are very aware of all the impressive work being done by women. In fact, from our perspective, the majority of visual poets are women.

What up, guys?

Not another dead and walking dead white male academy forming, we hope.


MinXus mail bag: Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)

rc - nc - 1

Mail-art by Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)

Trying to inventory all the lovely correspondence we have received in 2012, we came across this card from our good friend Richard Canard. (Have we mentioned he was a member of the original New York Correspondence School?) It’s always nice to share a little Richard with you. Should we call him Little Richard? No! He is a huge presence today.

When this was written, he was spending time North Carolina, but we believe he is now corresponding again from Carbondale.

rc - nc - 2

Last week we sent Richard a fairly comprehensive missive, and we look forward to continued exchanges in 2013.

A Minx for all Seasons: Killer Kollage from Rocker Luis Drayton “Queen of all Pus” (London)

Luis - 1

Mail-art by Luis Drayton “Queen of all Pus” (London)

She Rocola, kindly step aside. MinXus-Lynxus has found a new British rocker to adore! (And who would we be without one British rocker in the flock?)

MinXus is about who has the best hair. So our new and greatest heart throb could only be Luis Drayton. Not only is Luis a FAB musician, she is a fantastic artist – a fact we discovered when we first encountered her work at Yoma (of all places).

Luis sent MinXus USA a busty fan kit full of her original art, sample recordings, fan info and a personally hand-written note, which we will not share. Tenderfoots, this is a censored version of what Luis Drayton sent us. There are, we confess, some pics involving the insertion of various objects into what our friend Vizma Bruns in Australia calls the “bum” which we did not think suitable to share with those engaged in the search for beauty and truth. However, we will not file any complaints with our Yoma “Mentors” (now deputized as Mail-Art Mall Cops).

Luis - 2

The work of Luis Drayton is also historically instructive. Before things like Yoma, Codes of Conduct, and Mail-art Cops, this is the kind of material you would very likely receive if your address circulated in the Eternal Network. Luis is definitely now. But the Punk aesthetic is clearly evident, and mail-art felt the influence of Punk and post-Punk for several decades.

Luis - 3

The network has been a conduit for various kinds of music for a long time. Some notable types that found a supportive audience long before achieving popularity were industrial, hardcore punk styles, and notably the alternative or Grunge music that exploded in Seattle.

Luis - 4

Here is an interview with Luis Drayton:

Luis - 5

We will pass along fan material about Luis to our friends. We urge you to check out her out:




New MinXus School of Beauty & Cosmology brochure



Hole by FluXus artist liketelevisionsnow (Tamworth, New Hampshire, USA) to appear in MinXus-Lynxus International Exhibition of Holes

ltvs - 1

Hole by liketelevisionsnow for the International Exhibition of Holes

Dark wall is thrilled to have procured this piece for the International Exhibition of Holes by respected friend liketelevisionsnow. We made his acquaintance pre-MinXus and have been big fans and followers of his work for several years now. While his work is diverse, spanning many genres, we consider him an important contributor to contemporary Fluxus. Certainly holes – or symbols that signify holes – appear frequently in Fluxus visual poetry. Litsa Spathi (Netherlands) and Allan Revich (Canada) are prime examples, and liketelevisionsnow’s piece seems very much in that spirit.

ltvs -2

liketelevisionsnow’s work is currently held by MinXus USA and we will coordinate with Empress Marie to bring all the works together in a stunning display of holes. For now, enjoy!

Many thanks to liketelelvisionsnow!

For more liketelevisionsnow, make sure to checkout:


Dark wall’s homage to E – Ambassador of Utopia: “MinXus Utopia”

MinXus Utopia


MinXus USA acquires rare self-portrait of E – Ambassador of Utopia, O.T.M. (Guivry, France) + fantastic stamps!

e - stamps - 1

Mail-art by E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France)

Our esteemed Ambassador – artist, philosopher and diplomat – has graced the MinXus USA collection with this extraordinary self-portrait combining stamps, ink, and collage. This is the first depiction of a member of the Order of the Tangerine Mink we have acquired. We are so excited our thoughts fly to the vision of a grand hall honouring all the noble members of the order, crowned by a portrait of the Empress Marie Antonette.

The Ambassador of Utopia has also applied his endless talents and genius to the design of OFFICIAL MinXus stamps, which we shall employ in our correspondence:

e - stamps -2

Here at MinXus USA we are humbled by E’s work, and our own efforts seem like pale reflections for, we believe, he captures the essence of the mink and MinXus:

e - stamps - 3

Here the mink is unmuzzled. We still ponder the sublime message.

e - stamps - 4

On the left is the E portrait stamp. He is currently conducting a call for red and black art and does much work himself within that theme.

e - stamps - 5

The skull is also a persistent theme in his work. And of course a wonderful envelope:

e - stamps - 6

Deepest thanks to our dear friend for these MinXus treasures!

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