MinXus Mail Bag: This is not MinXus. This is Trashpo by Neil Gordon (Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA)

Neil Gordon - Trashpo - 1

Mail-art by Neil Gordon (Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA)

Correspondent Neil Gordon frequently works in the Trashpo genre. The piece he sent (above) is an advertisement page torn from the venerable New Yorker magazine with scribbled cryptic writing that – well-known to initiates – represents the complex symbolism of D-Kult. You see references to Wilhelm Reich’s theories that inform at least some part of DKult: orgone energy and Reich’s bizarre cloud-busting experiments to control weather. You also see the reference to T.O.X.I.S. – the corporate-institutional cabal dedicated to unleashing heinous viral mutations to thwart a truly human or alternative culture. Of course, T.O.X.I.S. would be committed to the suppression of Trashpo. Here is another piece Neil Gordon sent:

Neil Gordon - Trashpo - 2

This is classic Trashpo composed on a piece of some kind of of cereal-energy-chocolate bar box. Neil has arranged bits of found material to create a new text. Here is the reverse side:

Neil Gordon - Trashpo - 3

The language component is more pronounced on this side. Neil Gordon’s style is grounded in DaDa and the later, related Punk aesthetic that has had such an impact on mail-art. He has a clear understanding of the Trashpo concept going back to Jim Leftwich. While many trash poets strive for work that achieves a kind of formal harmony and might even approach at least an attempt at beauty, Neil’s work retains the anti-art qualities. He could be fairly described as a purist. The envelope also included the customary bits and pieces of found material that can function as stand-alone object poems or integrated into the work of the recipient – add & pass recycling.

Neil Gordon - Trashpo - 4

And the reverse:

Neil Gordon - Trashpo - 5

We are very pleased to receive this work from friend and correspondent Neil Gordon.



MinXus Mail Bag: Complaint from KDJ “The Disappeared” (Orlando, Florida, USA)

KDJ - moldy grapes - 1

Mail-art by KDJ (Orlando, Florida, USA)

Some Tenderfoots might recall that once upon a time there was a promising mail-artist from Florida named KDJ. Her work ranged from lovely artists books to edgy Trashpo. KDJ, at one point, was deeply involved in DKult. Then last year she joined the ranks of “The Disappeared.”

Originally relegated to the Mink Ranch “Crank File,” we have decided that it is best to share this communication from KDJ with you. The card arrived circa Halloween 2012. It is authentic. KDJ – while officially among “The Disappeared” – had clearly been reading our humble MinXus-Lynxus blog and took exception to several entries that mentioned her:

KDJ - moldy grapes - 2

The quotes she has chosen have been pulled out of context, wildly distorted, and thus might seem to you – oh tearful Tenderfoots – far more hurtful than ever intended. Without conducting a long search, we do recall comparing KDJ to a “one hit wonder” (is that not really a flattering comparison?). In the end, to speak in terms of the beliefs of the DKulters, we will all be called to The Great Landfill where we will walk with Ray and HE will end the perplexity of The Great Confusion here on earth, or so some believe. Did we say KDJ’s work has been “relegated to the landfill”? Perhaps we did BUT what about “moldy grapes”? We cannot remember a thing about “moldy grapes.”

We are very pleased to know that KDJ is not completely among “The Disappeared.” Perhaps someday she will return completely to the Eternal Network. It would be a great privilege to welcome her back.

MinXus Mail Bag: This is Trashpo from Jeanne Kasten (Olathe, Kansas, USA)

Kasten - 1

“TrashPo Study in Black and White” by Jeanne Kasten (Olathe, Kansas, USA)

As MinXus USA prepares for the imminent release of Vessels of Love by Diane Keys, the first full-length collection of Trashpo ever published, we are sharing a series of blogs displaying some of the wonderful Trashpo we are receiving.

This work by Jeanne Kasten is a superb, open field composition work juxtaposing a variety of found texts. Numerous narratives and chance association metaphors are possible as the result of Jeanne Kasten’s construction. We hope you will spend some time with it, as we have; there is much to appreciate. Numerous associations are possible. One can also note disruptions, contradictions, and fragmentation. For no particular reason, we like the Lindsey Buckingham concert ticket. We like Lindsey Buckingham down on the Mink Ranch.

All in all, in our humble estimations, “TrashPo Study in Black and White” is a compelling work we are thrilled to add to the MinXus USA archives.

Kasten - 2

And the reverse:


Many thanks to our new friend Jeanne Kasten!

MinXus Saturday Night in the Bunk House Cinema: Mink Rancher’s famous appearance in “Mulholland Drive”

Mink Rancher’s cameo role in Mulholland Drive (2001) directed by David Lynch:

MinXus Mail Bag: Best wishes from Mr. Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)

Richard Canard - 1

Mail-art by Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)

Our dearest friend Richard Canard (did we mention he was a member of Ray Johnson’s New York Correspondence School?) sent these very kind wishes for a happy new year some weeks back. (We prefer this to Empress Marie’s life-shattering Japanese oracle prophecies, which we are convinced brought us a year of the worst bad luck ever. They call this MinXus for a reason.)

Moosehead Beer is, of course, entirely appropriate to the Mink Ranch, as we are far closer to the great nation of Canada than many Tenderfoots realize. Canadian beer (in the Bunk House on a Friday evening) is considered far superior to more local varieties such as Genesee (aka “piss in a can”), Budweiser, or Pabst Blue Ribbon (see Dennis Hopper’s take on this brand in Blue Velvet by David Lynch).

Richard Canard - New Year - 2

A few weeks ago, we greatly enjoyed exchanging e-mails with the legendary Mr. C. Of course, fair Tenderfoots, we would never disclose the details of a private conversation, but we feel it is not breaking confidentiality to report to you we queried Richard about his fake Ray Johnsons and his involvement in incidents a few years back that caused a large stir and some ruffled feathers concerning the market in fake Ray Johnsons – not to be confused with the Japanese Fake Ray Johnson Episode of 2010.

AND most intrepid Tenderfoots, we were very surprised when Mr. C. expressed some interest in learning about the fake Ray Johnson episode in Japan of 2010 and the alleged involvement of our former acquaintance Grigori Antonin (aka G-Man). We relayed the facts and the rumours as precisely and honestly as we could. Oh dear! We hope Mr. C. has only the highest respect for G-Man, and what we felt we must disclose did not tarnish the reputation of our former acquaintance in the eyes of a great master such as Mr. Canard. Our hearts would positively break if we thought we had sullied the reputation of “a real stand-up” guy such as G-Man! (We still think about the excited chatter of those Japanese fans who believed they were receiving mail from Ray Johnson some 15 years after his death.)

As ever, our deepest thanks to Richard Canard.

MinXus Mail Bag: Creature of the Month by Svenja Wahl (Heidelberg, Germany)

svenja - creature - 1

Mail-art by Svenja Wahl (Heidelberg, Germany)

Our faithful correspondent Svenja Wahl sent us this absolutely stellar example of her highly distinctive collage work. A treasure!

This piece is relatively large: approx. 8.5 X 11 inches. We are guessing the cardboard upon which it is composed was chosen for the lush and wonderful red. Svenja Wahl has a subtle eye for colour; indeed, this is a most beautiful red, is it not?

The box also had strings secured, which must have held something, perhaps during the past holiday season. Miss Svenja left the strings, we think wisely, so the piece has a fiber art component and is also haptic. The strings are rubber band-like. Dark wall declares they play notes when plucked, and this piece is actually a musical instrument. We will allow that, anyway, as one point of view concerning this multi-faceted collage.

What we also absolutely adore about this work is the creature. Dark wall declares it is a Grizzly MinX, and he has seen many of these most dangerous creatures. Perhaps. He can compose a ballad on Svenja’s collage-lyre.

Miss Svenja has a feature she posts at Yoma called “Creature of the Month.” We adore that too. Using her collage talents, she has created a menagerie of absurd, humorous, frightening, appalling, surreal, exotic, fantastic creatures that defy description.

Now MinXus-Lynxus has our own Creature of the Month by Svenja Wahl. We are most grateful.

Svenja - creature - 2

Make sure to visit Svenja Wahl’s blog to see more fantastic art!


This is not MinXus. This is Trashpo by Mail Art Martha (London, England)

Mail-Art Martha - 1

Trashpo by Mail Art Martha (London, England)

We are thrilled at MinXus USA to have acquired a most wonderful work of Trashpo by the legendary – dare we add famed? – Mail Art Martha of London.

Mail Art Martha works with found material, so it is very likely she was making Trashpo long before our hero Jim Leftwich (Virginia, USA) introduced the Trashpo concept in the Eternal Network circa 2005. Certainly this work by Mail Art Martha, constructed upon a rain-spattered envelope that was rescued from total decomposition, exhibits a rare talent and ingenious mind.

Indeed, we suspect when the history of Trashpo is sorted through and woven into a sparkling narrative, our dear correspondent Mail Art Martha will be enthroned or at least cited (as a lengthy scholarly citation) in the tome and thus honoured as a matriarchal figure – DK’s sister from a different mother, as the expression goes – in this noble practice.

Mail-art Martha - 2

From that vast publicity, star-making machine we affectionately call Yoma, we learned that Mail Art Martha is known for her “Trash Trolley,” which she wheels gallantly to numerous locations in her beloved city. As we also understand it, the Trash Trolley has travelled to other nations. Certainly it has a utilitarian function, yet the trolley must surely bring art out of the galleries and institutions and “to the people,” as they say. It must help Mail-Art Martha challenge accepted notions of what is art and stimulate thought about the relationship between art and life. Perhaps this also serves as a kind of performance art. MinXus-Lynxus endorses all these ideas. We commend and congratulate both Mail Art Martha  and her trolley. She included a very kind note:

Mail-art Martha - 3

Note received from Mail Art Martha (London)

Mail-art Martha - 4

We also enjoyed the lovely envelope:

Mail-art Martha - 5

And the reverse:

Mail-art Martha -6

We cannot express the joy pondering the significance of this work has brought us here in another cold and dreary day of mundane chores on the isolated Mink Ranch. Even Empress Marie has abandoned us for what seems an obscure exploration of sheep farming in the far corners of the earth. And, after all, it is called MinXus for a reason.

Many thanks to Mail Art Martha!

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