MinXus Mail Bag: Asemic Tacky Little Pamphlet (TLP) by Jason Motsch (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)

Jason - 8.23.2015 - 1

Mail art by Jason Motsch (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)

The Tacky Little Pamphlet (TLP), a mail art staple, is an ideal vehicle for asemic writing projects. Certainly prize examples can be found in the massive body of John M. Bennett’s (Ohio, USA) work, among others. Now Jason Motsch has made another contribution to the genre with this wonderful piece he sent us. The opening scan is the cover. The pages are approximately 2 X 3 inches, and he faithfully follows the “official” TLP folding pattern. Here are the inside pages:

Jason - 8.23.2015 - 2

This is a very free form, calligraphy-based asemic writing, somewhat traditional compared to current, exotic methods for generating symbols.

Jason - 8.23.2015 - 3

This asemic TLP by Jason Motsch, as with most asemics that travel through the mail art network, is actually asemic-vispo hybrid work. The colorful triangles provide a useful continuity and anchors for the organic, apparently spontaneous writing.

Jason - 8.23.2015 -  4

And the back cover:

Jason - 8.23.2015 - 5

The TLP provides a brief yet sustained asemic cycle. As language is suggested, so is the structure of a lyric poetry cycle. We find the work interesting and engaging. Here is the envelope:

Jason - 8.23.2015 - 6

And the reverse:

Jason - 8.23.2015 - 7

Many thanks to Jason Motsch for sending more excellent asemic writing and vispo!


MinXus Mail Bag: Triptych by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 1

Mail art by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Lucky Pierre sent us this absolutely superb artists book, which has a total of six panels. Above is a detail shot of one page revealing textures, overlays and materials used in the composition (especially and appropriately: stamps). Here are scans of both sides of the piece revealing all panels (click to enlarge):

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 2

In this post’s title, we identified the piece as a triptych. We note the triptych form because during the “Golden Age of MinXus” we received and displayed many excellent triptychs often made by talented book artists. This kind of mail art triptych is, in fact, a form associated with MinXus. Lucky Pierre has added a spectacular piece to the canon.

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 3

In the Eternal Network, Lucky Pierre is associated with Trashpo and DKult, having made important contributions. This book, of course, also qualifies as being a Trashbook in the “aesthetic” strain (as opposed to anti-art), placing it among masterpieces by Cheryl Penn (South Africa), Nancy Bell Scott (USA) and other luminaries. Here is another detail scan:

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 4

The use of red is remarkable, we think. Incredible attention to detail: Here are the clasps:

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 5

Some items for DKULTNY:

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 6

The envelope is fantastic as well:

Lucky - 6.16.2915 - 7

Lucky Pierre joins the Postage Due Club along with such mail art legends as Diane Keys, Lisa Iversen and Richard Canard. We will forgive her. The work is so fantastic we should be buying it!

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 8

And the reverse:

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 9

Many thanks to Lucky Pierre for this FAB m-a!!!


TLP #3 – Doodle Therapy by Rebecca Guyver (UK) , Diane Keys (USA), Dan Mouer (USA), Lucky Pierre (USA) & Figgy Guyver (UK)

Rebecca - 5.31.2015 - 1

Cover of TLP (Tacky Little Pamphlet) by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK), Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA), Dan Mouer (Richmond, Virginia), Lucky Pierre (USA) and Figgy Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

We are positively thrilled to share a second TLP we received from Rebecca Guyver. Carina Granlund, who had such an important role in the previous collab, has been replaced (according to back cover credits) by none other than DK (Diane Keys) herself along with FAB artists Dan Mouer, Lucky Pierre and Figgy Guyver.

Rebecca - 5.31.2015 - 2

Rebecca - 5.31.2015 - 3

Rebecca - 5.31.2015 - 4

Rebecca - 5.31.2015 - 5

Close up of fave page:

Rebecca - 5.31.2015 - 6

Rebecca - 5.31.2015 - 7

Rebecca - 5.31.2015 - 8

Rebecca - 5.31.2015 - 9

And the envelope that held both TLPs:

Rebecca - 5.31.2015 - 10

And the reverse:

Rebecca - 5,31.2015 - 11

Thanks and congratulations to Rebecca Guyver (Countess Le Becca Von Guyver), “Careena” Granlund, DK, Dan Mouer, Lucky Pierre and Figgy Pop!!!

MinXus Mail Bag: Asemic TLP by Jason C. Motsch (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)

Jason - 5.30.2015 - 1

Asemic TLP (Tacky Little Pamphlet) by Jason C. Motsch (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)

We are thrilled to share with Tenderfoots another TLP recently received. (We will return to Le Becca soon.) Jason Motsch sent us this FAB booklet of asemic writing. You might recall that we posted some of his work here upon our humble blog not long ago. Jason Motsch has been an enthusiastic and active member of our asemic writing group at IUOMA-Ning. He has mostly been sharing asemic-vispo hybrid work. The asemic writing in this TLP is more fundamental, purist or as some might call it: “asemically correct.” This is certainly a great format for Jason to share and explore his considerable asemic abilities by getting down to basics.

Jason - 5.30.2015 - 2

The pages are relatively small: approximately 2 X 3 inches.

Jason - 5.30.2015 - 3

Jason - 5.30.2015 - 4

And the back cover:

Jason - 5.30.2015 - 5

We are not sure if this is a one-of-a-kind TLP or other copies have been made. Regardless, we are thrilled to have it for the growing asemic collection. And the envelope:

Jason - 5.30.2015 - 6

Many thanks to Jason!

Incredible “Doodle Therapy” TLP by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK) and Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland)

Rebecca - 5.29.2015 - 1

Cover of TLP (Tacky Little Pamphlet) by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK) and Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland)

The recent collaborative “doodle” concept, created by Diane Keys (Illinois, USA), has created a bit of a sensation in the Eternal Network. A number of these doodle pieces have found their way online and have proven to be popular.

Always the over-achiever, Rebecca Guyver is producing outstanding doodle collabs. She has developed a colorizing technique that makes them look spectacular! We are immensely fortunate that she sent us TWO amazing new TLPs (Tacky Little Pamphlets) bursting with FAB work. Of course we will share them with you, dearest Tenderfoots. We will document them in two entries. This first TLP is the result of a collaboration between Rebecca and our friend Carina Granlund of Finland.

Rebecca Guyver calls these pieces “doodle therapy,” but we contend they have evolved into comics. Because the subject never strays far from DKult, we are calling them D-Komix.

Rebecca - 5.29.2015 - 2

You can click to enlarge. Carina Granlund is a FAB illustrator with a love for comics. This project clearly gave her an opportunity to shine.

Rebecca - 5.29.2015 - 3

Because we are absolutely gushing over Carina Granlund’s contributions, do not – in any way – infer that we find Rebecca Guyver’s contributions lacking. This TLP, we believe, succeeds splendidly due to the wonderful blending of the talents of the two artists. They complement each other. We recognize some of the images Rebecca created, and they are foundational to the piece.

Rebecca - 5.29.2015 - 4

Those colors are popping!

Rebecca - 5.29.2015 - 5

We like these pages (above) especially.

Rebecca - 5.29.2015 - 6

We also call them comics because we think we spot the kernel of a narrative, not always linear or logical, but a story emerging.

Rebecca - 5.29.2015 - 7

Excellent back cover (above)! She also included this card in the mailing:

Rebecca - 5.29.2015 - 8

And the new DKULT(UK) stamp! Destined to be a classic:

Rebecca - 5.29.2015 - 9

Deepest thanks and congratulations to Rebecca Guyver and Carina Granlund. Stay tuned for Part II and another totally FAB TLP!

MinXus Mail Bag: Exceptional Trashbook by FinnBadger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Finn - 4.23.2015 - 1

Mail art (Trashbook cover) by FinnBadger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Perusing this absolutely extraordinary work we received from FinnBadger, we note that the creation of a trashbook is becoming a rite of passage for new mail artists who are establishing a personal network and exploring the various forms and modes available. FinnBadger tells us his trashbook includes work by Katerina Nikoltsou aka Momkat (Greece), Linda French (USA), Petrolpetal (South Africa), Minneapolis Gnome (USA), DKult aka Diane Keys (USA) and possibly others. We apologize in advance for the quality of the scans, which do not do just to this amazing piece.

Since the ascension of Trashpo a few years ago, we have received and documented many wonderful trashbooks. Some of the artists have gone on to become identified as trashpoets and DKulters. Others have gone in a different direction but seemed to have enjoyed the exercise. Most who take the trashbook challenge are interested in book arts, artists books and collaborative books.

Whatever the reasons for this extraordinary labor, we are thrilled that FinnBadger chose to share this trashbook with us. Not to brag, but we have received, documented and commented upon trashbook classics by Diane Keys, Cheryl Penn, Eduardo Cardoso, Nancy Bell Scott and others who pioneered the form. This work by FinnBadger stands easily and equally with the giants.

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 2

FinnBadger’s trashbook is dense and complex. The stance overall is anti-art rather than the aesthetic wing of the genre. The piece is constructed with paper bags that contain loose items. Various folds produce sub-pages and conceal hidden compartments and images. Thus, documentation of all permutations and perspectives is nearly impossible. We can only offer a limited view.

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 3

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 4

Here is a loose, found item from inside one of the bags:

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 5

We are a little perplexed concerning right-side-up and forward and backward, but we shall proceed all the same:

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 7

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 6

What is a trashbook without an homage to DK?

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 8

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 9

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 10

More found material from one of the bags.

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 11

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 12

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 13

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 14

Deepest thanks to FinnBadger for this amazing trashbook!

MinXus Exclusive! Asemic Art by Kerri Pullo (Tucson, Arizona, USA)


Asemic art by Kerri Pullo (Tucson, Arizona, USA)

Recently in another venue, we referred to longtime MinXus-Lynxus contributor Kerri Pullo as “everyone’s favorite asemic writer.”

We believe Kerri Pullo has earned this designation due to the nearly universal, positive response to her work. Both an audience within the visual poetry(-asemic) community and a larger audience outside that community are Kerri Pullo fans. She is able to satisfy the often demanding theoretical and literary requirements of conceptually minded poets and win favor with a broader audience. Her approach is time tested; one need only think of Jackson Pollock and Cy Twombly.

Kerri Pullo’s ability to merge abstract art and asemics, we think, at least partially accounts for her success. We are thrilled to be able to share some new work by Kerri Pullo that emphasizes the visual art aspect of her work. The opening scan, to the best of our knowledge, is a MinXus-Lynxus exclusive! We are pleased to unveil this piece for the first time. Here is another piece Kerri Pullo recently shared with the Asemic Writing for Mail Artists group at IUOMA-Ning:


Asemics by Kerri Pullo (Tucson, Arizona, USA)


We conclude our feature of new work by Kerri Pullo with this re-mix of a gorgeous piece that appeared on the AAAAA blog. This blog, we think, is another project initiated by the great visual poet and MinXus-Lynxus contributor Fatima Quieroz of Brazil:


Theme and aesthetic continuity are certainly present in these newer pieces.

This is also an appropriate place to mention that our MinXus-Lynxus e-book division at Scribd is proud to have published a full-length collection of asemics by Kerri Pullo. Make sure to take a look!

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