Angry Holes [MinXus Relic Collection]



Can you spell the mink?

In honor of the MinXus Solar Festival of course

On this day in MinXus history: Queen Elizabeth expelled the minks from London

Mail-Art Psychic – July 30, 2012

Yes, we have no bananas


PD – The jumper is a country club compared to the pavement grooves

KK – Time to send the coffee beans to Atlanta

The end of July brings drapery to the treehouse. Speak to the branch manager

A longing for change and something new has you throwing backstage segue


This just in:

“Like having Burt Reynolds bring out a copy of my latest book

On the Johnny Carson Show

Scratching my ass I leap into the Wax Museum

Still clutching the soy sauce”

from “Chinese Food” by Tom Clark


Ray is still asking: “Who stole the Spam Radio?”

Stripy Goose sings “Hey Jude”

I predict Richard Nixon will be elected US President in 1968

JS – time to send the tarpon to our ambassador in the Dust Bowl

HGW – not until the upholstery earns your respect

It’s a tough call, but you finally decide who you want to be with forever.

Asemic music: A Hole in the Sun or Dream of the Tangerine Oncoming

(re-post from M-L#1) Dark wall’s asemic music – hole music

A side: Minks of Fire

B side

Two asemic poems for Svenja Wahl by Dark wall

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