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MinXus Mail Bag: Trashpo and Trashbook – “D” is for Dark wall – from Anete Ulmane (Riga, Latvia)

AU - 13

Mail-art by Anete Ulmane (Riga, Latvia)

Anete Ulmane’s first appearance at the Mink Ranch revealed her interest in Trashpo.

(See the first work Anete Ulmane sent us: https://minxuslynxus2.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/this-is-definitely-trashpo-from-anete-ulmane-riga-latvia-the-open-field-composition-theory/

This most recent correspondence includes some very pleasing individual pieces as well a as spectacular Trashbook. Words are not adequate to express our appreciation. Here is the reverse side of the work above:

AU - 14

Anete Ulmane certainly has an aesthetic eye for arranging all those found shreds!

AU - 11

This gorgeous piece is far more text-centered. We think we references to Holism as well. And here is the reverse side:

AU - 12

This is the envelope that carried Anete Ulmane’s marvellous work from Latvia to the the Mink Ranch:

AU - 15


AU - 16

Dark wall is especially thrilled that Anete’s work is meant for him too.

We have saved the best for last: A most amazing Trashbook!

AU - 1

Cover of Trashbook by Anete Ulmane (Riga, Latvia) – “D” is for Dark wall!

AU - 2

AU - 3

AU - 4

AU - 5

AU - 6

AU - 7

AU - 8

AU - 9

AU - 10

Tenderfoots might note, especially if you look at the playing cards that open and close the book, that Anete Ulmane has a strong sense of visual syntax. The piece is very tightly structures.

Again, deepest thanks for this beautiful work, Anete!

Anete Ulmane has a fantastic blog you should visit! The “D” book we received is part of an ambitious series she is doing based on the letters of the alphabet. See who else received her books. Very exciting!


MinXus Mail Bag: Asemic textural work by Claudia McGill (Wyncote, Pennsylvania, USA)

Claudia - texture - 1

Mail-art by Claudia McGill (Wyncote, Pennsylvania, USA)

We have been thrilled to share Claudia McGill’s work before at MinXus-Lynxus. The piece (above) is a special treat. The Mink Ranch is the perfect home for this work that showcases Claudia’s abilities for textures and layering. We even find asemic flourishes, all this done in a painterly way that incorporates recognizable elements found in much visual poetry. The contours and scratches on the surface of the piece, which cannot be captured in a scan, also add a haptic dimension. Claudia has eschewed in this work her usual collage themes. We believe the effort is a resounding success.

claudia - texture - 2

Deepest thanks, Claudia, for this most wondrous art.

Earlier MinXus-Lynxus posts of work by Claudia McGill:


And do not miss Claudia’s blog!


MinXus Mail Bag – “It’s not just about who has the best hair anymore” from Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Rebecca - vanity - 1

Mail-art by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Whether you are on an Australian sheep ranch or making a guest appearance at the Stop-n-Go with Dark wall for a Red Bull, you know you need to look your best. MinXus may well be about who has the best hair. Every student of the MinXus-Lynxus School of Beauty & Cosmology knows there is far more to YOU than just gorgeous hair. For instance, there is your skin, which means make-up and skin care in general.

Our dearest Miss Becca thoughtfully sent us this MinXus Vanity Kit, which has made a big sensation in the Bunk House. The idea of the MinxKit is not new, but this is an ingenious variation.

rebecca - vanity - 2

Knowing Miss Becca as we do, the concept is open-ended. We have an invitation to use our imaginations when putting the contents to use:

rebecca - vanity - 3

We will not document further how this performance piece was completed. Instead, we encourage all Tenderfoots in their beauty routines to make use of mink oil and mink hair products (ONLY if the ingredients were obtained in a way that no harm was done to minks).


This seems to be for people who wear wigs.

 28PCS Mink Hair Professional Makeup Brush Set with Beautiful Design Bag

Mink hair make-up brushes. Why didn’t we think of that?

Don't B Bald Mink Oil 4oz

Mink oil will cure just about anything.

The old standby – for boots and shoes – slather it on your face and we guarantee you will be pleased.


MinXus hair dryer stamp by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

OFFICIAL MINXUS PROPAGANDA: “Psychiatric Ward” by Moan Lisa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Psychiatric Ward

Tenderfoots know Moan Lisa from here at the ranch as well as a towering presence in the Eternal Network, reaching beyond to untold others with Moan Lisa’s Art Akademie (“Everyone is an Artist”).

Here is how you can order/download your copy of Moan Lisa’s Psychiatric Ward:





Moan Lisa is our Digital Artaud, our Mail-art Martyr, our Post-Confessional Poet whose life – an open book for us – is a sometimes tragic sometimes exultant Fluxus event score unfolding for our salvation and transcendence.

We are thrilled to pronounce Psychiatric Ward is deemed Official MinXus Propaganda and required reading for MinXus education and re-education.

MinXus Moan Lisa

MinXus Mail Bag: PMM (Personality Modulation Machine) Inventory response from Stephanie Blake (Huntsville, Alabama, USA)

steph - pmm - 1

Mail-art by Stephanie Blake (Huntsville, Alabama, USA)

Stephanie Blake completed and returned this very colourful and creative PMM Inventory for evaluation and scoring. A very interesting aspect of the piece is that it was torn into squares and then sewn back together. Tenderfoots might recall we recently posted Vizma Brun’s (Waitpinga, South Australia) completed inventory:


For the understandably bewildered, the PMM Inventory was sent to DKult members to measure the damage, if any, caused by the Personality Modulation Machine alleged to have been mailed to an unknown number of individuals by KDJ (Orlando, Florida, USA).

steph - pmm - 2

We do not believe it would be proper to offer much commentary on Staphanie Blake’s work until the PMM Inventory’s have been scored and evaluated. She sent the response in a fantastic envelope:

steph - pmm - 3

Thank you Stephanie!

Two Ladies with a Mink – Flip Flop Card from Torma Cauli (Budapest, Hungary)


Torma is sending メールアート(pronounce meeru aaato), how sweet of him. And served with a cup of tea to go, what else could we wish for on a rainy spring evening?

When closed, the card portrays the beautiful Lady with a Mink by Leonardo Da Vinci, on a background of forest. Well, Leonardo wanted it to be an Ermine, but for us it will just be a Mink. I am sure Torma will let us get away with that.


We flip open the top panel, and a more contemporary Lady is holding the Mink. The same sense of peacefulness and composure.


We flip open the lower panel instead, and the original Lady is back, but the Mink is gone and she is wearing different clothes. The flip also unveils the newspaper article about our Lady in the White Blouse. This is where is wish I could read Hungarian, but maybe it is alright to keep a cloud of mystery around her.


Torma, this is a very clever and thoughtful interactive piece. Your genius is highly appreciated at the Manoir aux Visons and this piece will make the joy of MinXus-LynXus. Many thanks for sending!


* Edit: I just HAD to add this Lady with Mink and Veil (Otto Dix) who graced the comment stream on a neighbouring blog. Isn’t she stunning. Thank you TC.


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