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Official MinXus-Lynxus position concerning Nerzissmus Weltweit aka NerZus Deutschland


MinXus-LinXus First International Exhibition of Holes – Katerina Nikoltsou (Thessaloniki, Greece) – bis

Katerina has already sent several entries to the Exhibition, and with this book she has once again outdone herself.

I could not take pictures of all the pages but these few photographs will give you an idea of what this superbly crafted book looks like.


Many thanks Katerina for this amazing work which makes MinXus very proud!

MinXus-Lynxus First International Exhibition of Holes – Dean Marks (Paris, France) – bis

MinXus-Lynxus couldn’t help it and had to send Dean another piece of paper to pierce, even though he says he feels sorry for the paper (some people are very sensitive indeed). But I know Dean always exceeds expectations, and he showed it again here.

I just woke up one morning, and the hole was there. Then I quickly put a cap on it so nothing would…?..“.
On the other side: “Put a cap on Holism“!
I am not exactly sure if Dean means to put a cap on Holism to avoid the Spill or to avoid the Spread. Is it to Protect or to Protest? We don’t know, and that’s the genius of Dean. In any case, be assured that MinXus-Lynxus takes note of these new thoughts on Holism. Many thanks for this brilliant second contribution to the Exhibition, Dean!

Dark wall’s “War of the Secret Agents for Empress Marie”


MinXus Mail Bag: Ms. Jen Staggs formerly of Texas now of Nashville, Tennessee

Mail-art by Jen Staggs (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

Jen Staggs needs no introduction to the MinXus-Lynxus crew. She is a good friend to many over Yoma way. Jen took a hiatus from the Eternal Network, and we are now pleased to find her well and corresponding again from Nashville. Her particular interest is women’s fashion of other eras, so we look forward to posting more of her work here as a sort of M-L fashion consultant.

We will bring her up to speed with a stuffed MinX Kit, understanding her social schedule must be close to overwhelming due to her triumphant return.

MinXus Mail Bag: “Art Revenge” from Karen Redgreene (Oakland, California, USA)

Mail-art by Karen Redgreene (Oakland, California, USA)

We admired Karen Redgreene’s asemic work at the great melting pot of Yoma and decided to send her some mail-art with the secret hope we might receive in return something exciting from Oakland for the MinXus USA archive.

What a thrill for us to receive “Art Revenge”! Not only does it showcase Karen Redgreene’s characteristic asemics, but we also have a wonderful vispo collage. An M-L classic for sure.

This provides a full view of one side of the elongated postcard-size piece. Here is the reverse side:

Many thanks to Karen Redgreene for “Art Revenge.” We look forward to more exchanges!

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