MinXus-Lynxus Who Has The Best Hair Contest – Contestant #11 – Mean Sheena aka Crocodile Barbie (somewhere Southern California)

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Who Has The Best Hair Contest – News & Updates


Ten contestants are officially entered. We continue to accept entries, although we will close the competition (probably within a few weeks) so official judging can commence. Here are the ten contestants entered so far (in chronological order of receiving entries):

1. Rebecca Guyver (two entries)

2. Dan Mouer

3. Candy Wicked

4. Borderline Graphics

5. KDJ

6. Vizma Bruns

7. Karen Eliot

8. Fanny Slayer

9. Alicia Starr/Ray Johnson

10. Snooky the Amazing Mail-art Dog


Categories (in-progress):

Baddest Hair Day

Official MinXus Cut

Whig Party

Malibu Barbie

Best Copyright Violation

Red Planet

Blondes Have More Puns

Curtains Don’t Match the Carpet

Tools of the Trade

Miss MinXus Ukraine

Special Awards


Contest Levels (determines prizes)

Tangerine Mink Crown

Golden Mink Crown

Siberian Weasel Tiara

Ermine Tiara

Polecat Headband

Marten Headband

Special Award

MinXus Mail Bag: Vispo by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Matt - 2.25.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Matthew Stolte lives in Wisconsin, USA, a state with a high concentration of visual poets, enough so that we have renamed it Vis-consin. While distinctive and evolving, Matthew’s work shows the influence of Wisconsin resident and vispo giant David Chirot. As this postcard-size piece indicates, Matthew’s work frequently incorporates found materials, employs overlaying and distortion and emphasizes the materiality of language.

Critics make a distinction between “clean” and “dirty” concrete poetry. Matthew Stolte’s poetry – with its industrial, gritty qualities – very often falls into the “dirty” category. Due to the abstract nature of the work, formalism is suggested. He builds and weaves structures together, but ultimately we believe these are organic forms rather than a dry formalism.  The numerous symbols and patterns formed during the process of composition add an asemic dimension, enough so that this could be fairly viewed as a vispo/asemic hybrid.

As with this mail-art piece, Matthew Stolte’s work is often concerned with environmental issues and presents a vision of a tarnished, post-industrial world. Ever-present are references to machines, metals and the repetition of industrial production. Ultimately, his work is language-centered, seldom straying far from words and letters as opposed to vispo that is composed of images. This preoccupation with language is a postmodern trait; and like the postmoderns, Matthew Stolte sees language as a complex set of relations (including the formation of metaphors), indeterminate signifiers, the machinations of poetic form: a questioning of the possibility of meaning.

Matt - 2.25.2014 - 2

Matthew Stolte is a very active member of the international mail-art, which is a great benefit to many of us. He generously shares original copies of his work and participates in projects. As ever, we are deeply appreciative.

MinXus-LynXus Who Has The Best Hair Contest – Contestant # 10 – Snooky the Amazing Mail-Art Dog (Port Washington, Wisconsin, USA)


Asemic Pulp Fiction by Dark wall




Who Has The Best Hair Contest News: Prizes include MinXus designer combs by Empress Marie Antonette


MinXus designer comb by Empress Marie


MinXus designer comb by Empress Marie

Contestants in the MinXus-Lynxus Who Has The Best Contest are eligible to win a wide range of exciting prizes. Empress Marie Antonette (aka Marie Wintzer) has created a line of MinXus combs, and she has generously agreed to donate a number of them as contest prizes. Yes, YOU could be the recipient of a FAB MinXus comb. The opportunity of a lifetime.

“SMILE Magazine: Collective Identities and the Mechanics of Historicization” by Stephen Perkins

Despite stated intentions to “demolish serious culture” and defy the mechanisms of institutions and academies, Neoism is being historicized and analyzed by the very culprits who were the objects of its most pointed attacks. This is an old story. Need we mention Fluxus? Borderline Grafix brought this article to our attention, and we simultaneously abhor it and find it interesting. Tenderfoots unfamiliar with Neoism and veterans alike might glean some interesting information from this. We both denounce and recommend it:



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