Asemic visual poem by Dark wall




4 X Cheryl Penn (Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa) – concrete poetry, asemic poetry, visual poetry

CPSA - 1

by Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

CPSA - 2

by Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

CPSA - 3

by Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

CPSA - 4

by Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

MinXus Lost Classic: Collage by Bern Porter

Bern porter


Collage by Bern Porter in Velocity (#8 July 1987) an assembling zine edited by Bob Grumman

MinXus Mail Bag: Theresa Williams (Bradner, Ohio, USA) sends a dispatch from the New Arzamas Literary Circle

TWCW - 1

Mail-art by Theresa Williams (Bradner, Ohio, USA)

Theresa Williams aka Miss Theresa William Carlos Williams is a Mink Ranch regular whose involvement extends back beyond this blog to the (now destroyed) minxuslynxus1 blog (technically MinXus-Lynxus #1o).

Being a very fine and accomplished author, Miss Theresa is a true correspondence artist. She is as interested in letters as much as she is in the visual art dimension. Her Letter Project blog is a must see:

Miss Theresa sent us this lovely (fake) disco memorabilia ad (above), which we submit to the official record. While we enjoy this very much, Miss Theresa has had to endure over the past several years a barrage of fake advertising resulting from the inclusion of her address on the DKult mailing list. Here are a few examples that hopefully provide context for the work above:

2 - June Fanzine - Rod - 1

DKULTNY Trashpo Newsletter (June 2012)

3 - June Fanzine - Rod

DKULTNY Trashpo Newsletter (June 2012)

15 - June Fanzine - IDK  - 1

DKULTNY Trashpo Newsletter (June 2012)

16 - June fanzine - IDK - 2

DKULTNY Trashpo Newsletter (June 2012)

We would like to believe, despite the vanity of it, that we have had a role in introducing Theresa William Carlos Williams to the propensity in mail-art to inventing people, organizations, institutions, causes and sometimes entire countries that do not exist. Here is the envelope that held the fake disco ad:

TWCW - 2

The reverse:

TWCW - 3

Dearest Tenderfoots, we are still not at liberty to disclose the facts surrounding the destruction of minxuslynxus1. Much work was lost, and we could not recover all the original blogs. A great loss was one of the most popular-ever posts featuring work by Theresa William Carlos Williams. While we cannot reconstruct the commentary, we will take this opportunity to re-post the work that inspired it:

TW - 3 poets - 1

Mail-art by Theresa Williams (Bradner, Ohio, USA)

TW - Pound - 2

Mail-art by Theresa Williams (Bradner, Ohio, USA)

TW - three poets - 3

Mail-art by Theresa Williams (Bradner, Ohio, USA)

TW - 3 poets - 4

Mail-art by Theresa Williams (Bradner, Ohio, USA)

Many thanks to Theresa William Carlos Williams! We look forward to continuing correspondence.

The strange case of Carina Granlund’s (Petsmo, Finland) lost Paris mail-art – a masterpiece painstakingly reconstructed

Carina - Paris - 1

Mail-art by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland)

Carina Granlund is an extraordinarily faithful MinXus-Lynxus correspondent going far back in time. Among many other contributions, for instance, she helped make Solar Festival 2012 an unqualified success. The brilliance of her Refrigerator Performance is a fact of MinXus history.

Thus we were disheartened this evening to discover Miss Carina’s file in the MinXus USA Archives in a state of relative disarray. We found an open envelope containing material from her 2012 visit to Paris, which we cannot recall encountering previously. The material had clearly been pilfered. We are not entirely sure if we have an accurate accounting of the contents, but we have made every effort to reconstruct and document this masterpiece for you here, as we believe this must be preserved.

Here is the reverse side of the piece above:

Carina - Paris - 2

This is a wondrous work of Trashpo. Tenderfoots might recall Jim Leftwich’s original Trashpo compositions are made mostly of packing tape. Carina Granlund has had a fascination with coloured masking tape since we first made her acquaintance. Her talent for working with this material is fully exposed here along with the bonus of one of her trademark black Xs.

Carina - Paris - 3

Central to the mystery of Miss Carina’s Paris art is this plastic bag, which accompanied the material you see in this blog. Yet the bag contained nothing. This little booklet (below) was also included. The same image appears page after page; it is dated five years earlier. We are not entirely sure it belongs with the other work:

Carina - Paris - 4

All the material was enclosed in the envelope below. As mentioned, the envelope had been opened already. Note Miss Carina made a hole:

Carina - Paris - 5


Carina - Paris - 6

All we can tell you for certain, dear Tenderfoots,  is that we have done our best to reconstruct, re-assemble and faithfully document this outstanding work by Carina Granlund.

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MinXus Mail Bag: Tales from the crypt(ic) by Ana Karina (St. Augustine, Florida, USA)

Ana - 5.28.2013 - 1

Mail-art by Ana Karina (St. Augustine, Florida, USA)

We are very excited to share with you the most recent correspondence received from our dear friend Miss Ana.

Her name is slightly elastic, which we appreciate. Tenderfoots likely recognize her as Ana Carina, Ana Karenina (this time around), Ana Karina and possibly other what we have come to call Ana-grams. She is a bit mysterious, and her art is a bit cryptic. We adore the black and white collage she sent, juxtaposing two images. We consider it a retro piece, referential to the Age of Xerox and very similar to a strain of Neoist collage that was once prevalent. Miss Ana often includes bits and pieces of usually un-altered material. Following the lead of Miss Claire Dinsmore of New Jersey, we shall refer to this material as “ephemera.”

Ana - 5.28.2013 - 2

Included were these two vintage photos. On the back of the left-hand photo is inscribed: “‘Totally Legit/Kama Bay’/Lake Superior Route.” The right-hand photo of the women has no message. Also typical (and always warmly welcome) are drawings:

Ana - 5.28.2013 - 3

We fancy we see some asemic doodling in this piece. Although tiny and faint, we can read on the reverse side: “I used to have a super boring job. So true.” We are convinced no semiotic application will yield much concerning our beloved Ana-grams. While there is a content consistency emerging in her missives, each of Miss Ana’s envelopes carries a unique message which we are much better at feeling than knowing in a way we can express. We are sure Tenderfoots join us in enjoying and appreciating this work.

Ana - 5.28.2013 - 4

We responded to Miss Ana’s previous letter. Though beleaguered we are doing our best to respond to such a lovely gift. Many thanks Ana K!

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Mink Ranch souvenir to Ana K:

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MinXus Mail Bag: More from The Blessed Father (San Diego, California, USA)


Mail-art by The Blessed Father (San Diego, California, USA)

We always have the utmost respect for a preacher here at the Mink Ranch, so we are thrilled to display this beautiful and tasteful artwork from our friend in San Diego. To avoid any confusion caused by the caption, we are almost completely certain the photo is not of The Blessed Father; it is by The Blessed Father.


The Blessed Father is a fine practitioner as well as representative of Southern California mail-art. We are always happy to receive his work at the Mink Ranch.

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