MinXus Mail Bag: Walmarth Advertising Supplement by Cascadia Artpost (Olympia, Washington, USA) with Mail Art Martha (Beckenham, UK)

JackL - 7.30.2015-1

Mail art by Cascadia Artpost aka Jack Lattemann (Olympia, Washington, USA) based on art and concepts by Mail Art Martha (Beckenham, UK) and Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)

Cascadia Artpost has helped realize the artistic visions of Mail Art Martha and Diane Keys through marvelous models and now an incredible publication which is currently circulating in the Eternal Network.

JackL- 7.30.2015-2

Trashpo and DKult have always promoted an ideology of anti-consumerism and pro-recycling. Trashpo is, after all, a form of recycling. Mail Art Martha was well-known in the network for her trash trolley and use of found material long before she joined forces with DKult. She has helped make DKULTUK one of the best known and most innovative DKult chapters in the world. Mail Art Martha’s Walmarth Corporation is an entertaining and witty parody of corporate, consumer culture. Cascadia Artpost’s painstaking realization of Mail Art Martha’s ideas through detailed, special effects style models makes Walmarth Corporation one of the crowning achievements of Trashpo in the half-decade that it has been producing a large quantity of art.

JackL - 7.30.2015-3

For those who believe Trashpo is simply collecting candy bar wrappers on the street and mailing them to people, Cascadia Artpost and Mail Art Martha reveal that the practice yields a wide variety of literary and visual creations. All that is required is imagination. The center section of the Walmarth Advertising Supplement includes usable stickers:

JackL - 7.30.2015-4

Both Mail Art Martha and Diane Keys have created numerous Trashpo devices and inventions. Cascadia Artpost references these in the publication and offers new products as well.

JackL - 7.30.2015-5

Diane Keys has proposed ideas for a Trashpo and DKult economy aka the D-Konomy, although the specifics of the program are not entirely clear at this time.

JackL - 7.30.2015-6

JackL - 7.30.2015-7

And the back cover of the Walmarth Advertising Supplement:

JackL - 7.30.2015-8

We have no doubt that this ingenious work by Cascadia Artpost is one of the great achievements of Trashpo and is destined for a place in Eternal Network history. We also applaud the collaborative nature of the work, which integrates and acknowledges the contributions of Mail Art Martha and Diane Keys, among others.

JackL 7.30.2015-9


MinXus Mail Bag: Joey Patrickt Goes Vispo (Oakland, California, USA)

Joey - 6.15.2015 - 1

Mail art by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)

We have praised Joey Patrickt for his West Coast surrealism in previous blogs. In this posting, we recognize his versatility. He sent us a package of text-oriented pieces that match the MinXus-Lynxus visual poetry aesthetic perfectly. Of course, we do not insist that our correspondents toe a party line – far from it – but we do appreciate work that reacts in various ways to theories and concepts we propose, even when it is parody (as in the case of David Stafford). The piece above, for instance, uses overlays, disruption and distortion to reach the border between the comprehensible and the incomprehensible, which is the realm of the asemic. We also like this postcard-size piece a great deal:

Joey - 6.15.2015 - 2

One section we like especially:

Joey - 6.15.2015 - 3

Joey Patrickt has disrupted the process of signification, logic and syntax to the extent that we are left to view the debris of language construction as a visual image in that it cannot be “read” in a conventional way. But the ghost of language is insistent, and the shapes seem to be captured in a process of reforming into new symbols. Regardless of whether found, random or whatever the source, we believe this is a very effective concrete poem. The focus on a single line is a novel approach, and the smudging – the merging of the abstract signifiers with the physical page – certainly emphasize the materiality of the work. The piece is apparently a collab because we found this on the reverse side:

Joey - 6.15.15 - 4

Joey Patrickt also enclosed some Trashpo related to the visual arts and writing:

Joey - 6.15.2015 - 5

The envelope:

Joey - 6.15.2015 - 6

And the reverse:

Joey - 6.15.2015 - 7

Many thanks to Joey Patrickt for an excellent textual-visual mail art package with some great conceptual material and some humor as well.

Scannerpo by Finn Badger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

finn badger scannerpo1

Spontaneous scannerbed composition by Finn Badger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Finn Badger wrote: “I do sometimes think I should get a new scanner, as this one is very temperamental, and getting more and more reluctant to scan. But then every now and again it makes its own art, so I’m more and more reluctant to axe it. And I never think these thoughts near it, since it has a mind of its own, makes its own art, and so who knows what else it might be capable of?I often play around with the scanner art to see what other effects come out.

“Inverted goat envelope/hand.”

MinXus Mail Bag: Scannerpo El Supremo by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, CA)

Joey 4.2.2015 - 5

Mail art by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)

Please correct us if we are mistaken, but it appears Joey Patrickt sent us an excellent scanner smear. We have been experimenting with pieces like this lately as asemic and vispo compositions. Joey was able to capture the rhythmic cursive effect we have been trying to achieve as well as some fantastic colors. We are thrilled to have this piece!

We became interested in scannerbed smears (and scannerbed composition) when we saw vispo using the technique by Ficus strangulensis (West Virginia, USA) and C. Mehrl Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA). These possibly dated back as far as 2005, and other visual poets might have been involved as well. The technique is neither new nor original, but we do not think it has been exhausted. Here is the reverse side of the card Joey Patrickt sent us:

Joey 4.2.2015 - 2

We also received another card from Joey Patrickt.

Joey 4.2.2015 - 3

Satire of suburban life and commentary on current issues seem well within Joey Patrickt’s purview. We suspect the Oakland environment influences the art a great deal. We have a great use of found material on the reverse side:

Joey 4.2.2015 - 4

As ever, deepest thanks to Joey Patrickt. As soon as we can find a moment to breathe we must send something Oakland way. Please be patient and do not despair!

MinXus Mail Bag: New Trashpo Zine!!! from DKult Fan Club Press by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA)

BG - 3.13.2015 - 1

Mail art DKult fanzine by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA) – 1

BG - 3.13.2015 - 2

Mail art DKult fanzine by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA) – 2

BG - 3.13.2015 - 3

Mail art DKult fanzine by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA) – 3

BG - 3.13.2015 - 4

Mail art DKult fanzine by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA) – 4

BG - 3.13.2015 - 6

Mail art DKult fanzine by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA) – 5

BG - 3.13.2015 - 5 (2)

Mail art DKult fanzine by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA) – 6

BG - 3.13.2015 - 7

Mail art DKult fanzine by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA) – 7

BG - 3.13.2015 - 8

Mail art DKult fanizine by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA) – 8

BG - 3.13.2015 - 9

BG - 3.13.2015 - 10

An Instant Classic from Borderline Grafix of DKulTX. Thank you for sending us a first edition!


MinXus Mail Bag: Cryptic Warhol by Stan Askew (Pasadena, California, USA)

Stan - 2.9.2015 - 1

Mail art by Stan Askew (Pasadena, California, USA)

We are thrilled to share new work recently received from our SoCal fave artist Stan Askew. A main attraction is this gorgeous Andy Warhol collage on sturdy cardboard that showcases a great iteration of Stan Askew’s cryptic symbol system. “Cryptic” definitely describes this particular mailing, as we find an even higher-than-usual dose of the indeterminate. Here is the reverse side of the Warhol collage:

Stan - 2.9.2015 - 2

Next is a retro work. Given the blank card that accompanies it, we can only assume Stan Askew is inviting us to get creative and make some art ourselves. With his art arriving upon our doorstep, we find it easier to gaze and appreciate:

Stan - 2.9.2015 - 3

Also included is some exhibition information. We are not sure if we have more collage material here or some excellent work to ponder (or both). Regardless of how it is interpreted, Stan Askew has an amazing eye for images.

Stan - 2.9.2015 - 4

And the reverse:

Stan - 2.9.2015 - 5

Every aspect of a Stan Askew mailing is top notch:

Stan - 2.9.2015 - 6

Many thanks, as ever, to Stan Askew!

(finally) A New Neoist Website


Included are historic videos from nascent era apartment festivals that appear to be authentic, although we cannot claim to be able to verify. Many great examples of Neoist irrationalism as well. We think you might want to think of the site as a simulation of Neoism or a simulacra.

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