MinXus Mail Bag: Fake Warhol, Fe-Mail Art, Asemics & More by Moan Lisa (Des Moines, Iowa, USA)

Moan - 6.30.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Moan Lisa (Des Moines, Iowa, USA)

We make no claim to have the ability to chronicle the range or evolution of Moan Lisa’s diverse and voluminous correspondence. In this post, we share the contents of two envelopes received recently. The piece above echoes Moan’s Fake Andy Warhol call as well as Fe-mail art. This is a letter-size work, and here are two panels from the reverse side:

Moan - 6.30.2014 - 2

Another envelope contained some great work in stripped-down black & white with an emphasis on stamp composition:

Moan - 6.30.2014 - 3

Here we find Moan Lisa’s distinctive Fluxus stamp, the Femailart logo/stamp, the Moan-Ray Johnson bunny and a reference to the divorce period which overlapped with the pizza box phase. We are pleased to report that, to the best of our knowledge, things are going much better these days for Moan in Iowa.

Moan - 6.30.2014 - 4

This FAB page includes some very expressive asemic writing.

Moan - 6.30.2014 - 5

Our documentation of work by Mail-art phenom Moan Lisa is, of course, ongoing. Deepest thanks to Moan Lisa for always including us in mailings!


MinXus Mail Bag: The Strange Case of DKult Ethiopia

DKult Ethiopia - 1

We might be out of the loop or behind the times; we admit to being late in documenting this work (allegedly) from DKult Ethopia. We are not experts on international postal systems, but we do think this might have been mailed from Ethiopia. We are not aware, however, that any official DKult chapter has ever been established in Ethiopia nor do we know of any Trashpo performances or projects in that country.

DKult Ethiopia - 2

Possibly this is a brilliant piece of trash parody, commenting on the waste and excess of consumer culture in the global context of shrinking resources and rising inequality especially between the 1% and all the rest of us. Certainly Trashpo is a protest against consumer culture and a plea for recycling, among other things.

Many thanks to our unnamed correspondent from DKult Ethiopia!

David Stanley Aponte & the Sub-real Manifesto

As a result of posting David Stanley Aponte’s second MinXus-Lynxus contribution yesterday, we put on our investigative poetry glasses and dug into the fascinating world of the sub-real. Thanks to some help from David Stanley Aponte, we located the “Sub-real Manifesto” and are now thrilled to share commentary and links to this most remarkable document. Here is some explanatory material by DSA from his blog:

“Many people who where living in Philadelphia in 2005 remember this draft of the Sub-real Manifesto that was written by one Dr. Malcolm K. (which sounds much like someone else I happen to know) and Dr. N. O. Pibbles (who somehow comes from the depths of the Chicago ‘Idiot Movement’ in the late 1990’s and holds a doctorate in Pataphysics from Centralia College of Pataphysics in Centralia Pennsylvania). In any even[t] through some loose inspiration from Capitalism and Schizophrenia and a rise in response to counter the flash flood of 19th century conservative art mindset (that Philadelphia is often infamous for) this piece was written in two drafts, (this being the 2nd of these two). Since there is an importance of ‘sub-‘ thinking in works by me ‘David Stanley Aponte’ I thought it would be nice to include this somewhat forgotten and aged writing that has in part been an influence on calling the realms I tend to work in ‘sub-real’. I suppose sometimes there is also a shadow of Situationist International that also influences my work but that seems to be something of a slightly different time and place. There was three ‘official’ sub-real meetings that took place after this 2nd version of the Manifesto from the Sub- was written that took place in some ‘common’ surface level of the city of Philadelphia and then there was hundreds perhaps thousands of ‘non-official’ Sub-real meetings that took place in the ‘sub-real realms’ after this manifesto was released and then realized. These unofficial meetings often may have been seen to happen by the general public (and sometimes the general private) in the cities of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Chicago Illinois, Dallas Texas, Baltimore Maryland, Brooklyn New York and Berlin Germany, just to name a handful but these sub-real meetings where not limited to just these six cities. To humor the folk who are here in the present tense without further delay, here is the ‘Manifest from the sub-‘ as you can see below the babble that I have just written [.]”

The full texts of the sub-real can be found here:

We excerpt one defining section:

“What is the sub-real? The sub-real is before nature and beyond nature, just as it is beneath any reality that can claim to have a nature, or, for that matter, an artifice, a re-presentation. The sub-real is beneath the real, below the real, under the real. The sub-real, while secondary to the real, is what makes the real primordially possible. The sub-real is less than completely real, but, in falling short, exposes the limits of any real, the less than complete nature of all realities. The sub-real is not a part of the real, but a part of the real that is exposed as being absent, less a subdivision than a subtraction from reality. The sub-real is the very part of the real that is always missing, always lost, and without which any real cannot be founded. The sub-real is apart from the real, a part of the real, and, at the same time, what threatens to make the real fall apart. The sub-real is what remains hidden by the real, the very foundations of the real. The sub-real is a realm hidden from view by the ‘real’ constructed through the structures and screens that serve as our primary defensive intermediaries with the real.”

Here at MinXus-Lynxus, we are thrilled to have discovered the sub-real and recognize it as yet another fascinating aspect of the Eternal Network.

MinXus Mail Bag: More from David Stanley Aponte aka Sub-Real Alchemy (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

David Stanley - 6.27.2014 - 1

Mail-art by David Stanley Aponte aka Sub-Real Alchemy (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

We were thrilled to receive a second correspondence from the prolific David Stanley Aponte. Recently he has been doing some transitioning between Indianapolis and Philadelphia, and we’re not sure exactly where he has settled at this point in time. We will make sure to keep in touch. This is another abstract work on postcard-size, heavy cardboard.

David Stanley - 6.27.2014 - 2

We have not yet determined what Sub-Real Alchemy is and if these fine works are part of some alchemical process, but we are surely captivated by the concept. Many thanks to David Stanley Aponte!

Ten visual poems by DVS at Ffooom (Santos, Brazil)


Deepest thanks to Fatima Queiroz!

MinXus Mail Bag: D-Kit from the Queen of Trash – Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)

DK - 6.26.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)

We are thrilled to have received a D-Kit from reigning Queen of Trashpo Diane Keys brimming with authentic DKult fetish items and trashpropaganda. The crown jewel is a DKult amulet (above).

DK - 6.26.2014 - 2

The amulet was originally attached to a classic Trashpo triptych that has been dissembled for documentation purposes. Trashpo Jesus, of course, is a reference to “Jesus Jim” Leftwich (Virginia, USA) well-known among DKulters as the creator of Trashpo. An accomplished visual poet who sometimes engages in post-Neoist activities, Jim Leftwich accepts DKult adulation with characteristic grace, humility and Eternal Network supportiveness.

DK - 6.26.2014 - 3

In classic Trashpo fashion, Diane Keys takes the debris of consumer culture and recycles it to reveal absurdity as well as a vision for a more harmonic and holistic intersection of art and life.

DK - 6.26.2014 - 4

This detached panel (above) provides instructions for the use of the fetish item.

DK - 6.26.2014 - 5

Trashpo and DKult have produced an astonishing number of stamp designs. Here are more. These are retro: A Ray Johnson bunny combined with a reference to USA President Dwight Eisenhower’s infamous warning to the world as he departed office: “Beware the military industrial complex.”

DK - 6.26.2014 - 6

We are gratified that at least a makeshift medical kit is included in the package. We were among the many who suffered grave physical injury as a result of the defective D-Koder Ring scandal (and subsequent recall) engineered by KDJ. The D-Koder ring debacle was the beginning of KDJ’s woes as DKult CFO and DKULTFLA president.

DK - 6.26.2014 - 7

All this great material came enclosed in a wonderfully DeKorated envelope.

DK - 6.26.2014 - 8

As ever, thank you DK!

MinXus Mail Bag: Altered Junk Mail Trashpo Scam by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Rebecca - 6.24.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Wearing her Trashpo hat and serving as a member-in-good-standing of DKULTUK, Miss Becca sent us this ingeniously altered junk mail announcing “MINKRANGER” is eligible for a substantial prize. Following the financial disaster of our Who Has The Best Hair Contest and still uncertain of the outcome of our $40 million lawsuit against Empress Marie Antonette for copyright violation, character defamation and breach of contract, we are seriously considering the offer.

Rebecca - 6.24.2014 - 2

These pieces have a greenish tinge, no doubt reflecting the quality of the original junk mail, as if one were looking at them submerged in a brackish pond through an algae filter.

Rebecca - 6.24.2014 - 3

Actually, we would consider ourselves lucky just to receive the free soil testing kit.

Rebecca - 6.24.2014 - 4

The repetition works very well in this panel (above), we think. The prize material was enclosed in this envelope and passed through the mail encased in cellophane:

Rebecca - 6.24.2014 - 5

The reverse:

Rebecca - 6.24.2014 - 6

A lovely piece of free-standing (or floating) Trashpo by Rebecca Guyver was also included:

Rebecca - 6.24.2014 - 7

And the reverse:

Rebecca - 6.24.2014 - 8

Well, Miss Becca, we learned long ago that on the long dusty trail there is no free lunch. We do deeply appreciate this thoughtful work!

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