“MinXus Ranch Hand” by Alicia Starr (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Alicia - ranch hand1

“MinXus Ranch Hand” by Alicia Starr (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Alicia Starr sent us this great, MinXus inspired piece electronically. So we are not featuring it as a mail bag offering. Regardless, it is a wonderful piece.

Many thanks to Alicia Starr!


Moan Lisa’s 5089 Movement – Art is for Everyone!

5089 - ranch1


MinXus Mail Bag: More Old Fashioned Mink Ranch Christmas with the Blessed Father (San Diego, California, USA)

BF - 12.6.2014 - 1

Mail-art by the Blessed Father (San Diego, California, USA)

One mail-art highlight of 2014 has been getting to know the Blessed Father (aka Rick) and receiving fantastic work from him. We especially appreciate his great stamps. So it is great that the Blessed Father and his friends share this wonderful holiday greeting with us. Here at the Mink Ranch we completely identify with the barn and animal elements of Christmas, and Rick just seems to naturally appreciate and be at home in the ranch atmosphere.

BF - 12.6.2014 - 2

Rick & Friends, we are pleased to make your acquaintance and look forward to keeping in touch in the future.

MinXus Mail Bag: MinX Kit for Sinclair Scripa (Ludlow, Vermont, USA)

Sinclair - 9.29.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Sinclair Scripa (Ludlow, Vermont, USA)

Our near-neighbor to the east, Sinclair Scripa, is fast becoming a regular Mink Ranch correspondent. In the spring she sent us a Fluxus event score. Now we are thrilled to share a recent missive that has a more classically themed or vintage, perhaps Art Nouveaux, quality. She also included a letter with a list of questions about the Mink Ranch. Indeed, we have been remiss in not yet sending her a genuine Mink Ranch souvenir package (MinX Kit) nor her prize for participating in the Who Has The Best Hair Contest. We shall resolve this immediately!

Sinclair - 9.29.2014 - 3

All will be revealed!

Sinclair - 9.29.2014 - 2

To enhance the vintage quality of the mailing we believe we have detected, everything came in a wax paper bag skillfully and intricately folded:

Sinclair - 9.29.2014 - 4

Deepest thanks to Sinclair Scripa, our Vermont correspondent. An El Supremo MinX Kit is headed her way!

Sinclair - 9.30.2014 - 1

Sinclair - 9.30.2014 - 2

Official MinXus Thank You Card

Minxus card - 9.2014 - 1

Minxus card - 9.2014 - 2

Sunday Comix

comic - 2

comic - 1

Evidence of Anti-MinXus Activity


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