MinXus Mail Bag: Triptych by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 1

Mail art by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Lucky Pierre sent us this absolutely superb artists book, which has a total of six panels. Above is a detail shot of one page revealing textures, overlays and materials used in the composition (especially and appropriately: stamps). Here are scans of both sides of the piece revealing all panels (click to enlarge):

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 2

In this post’s title, we identified the piece as a triptych. We note the triptych form because during the “Golden Age of MinXus” we received and displayed many excellent triptychs often made by talented book artists. This kind of mail art triptych is, in fact, a form associated with MinXus. Lucky Pierre has added a spectacular piece to the canon.

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 3

In the Eternal Network, Lucky Pierre is associated with Trashpo and DKult, having made important contributions. This book, of course, also qualifies as being a Trashbook in the “aesthetic” strain (as opposed to anti-art), placing it among masterpieces by Cheryl Penn (South Africa), Nancy Bell Scott (USA) and other luminaries. Here is another detail scan:

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 4

The use of red is remarkable, we think. Incredible attention to detail: Here are the clasps:

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 5

Some items for DKULTNY:

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 6

The envelope is fantastic as well:

Lucky - 6.16.2915 - 7

Lucky Pierre joins the Postage Due Club along with such mail art legends as Diane Keys, Lisa Iversen and Richard Canard. We will forgive her. The work is so fantastic we should be buying it!

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 8

And the reverse:

Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 9

Many thanks to Lucky Pierre for this FAB m-a!!!



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