MinXus Mail Bag: Asemics & More by Mick Boyle (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)

Mick - 6.10.2015 - 1

Mail art by Mick Boyle (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)

We are very pleased to extend a large “Howdy” and a secret MinXus handshake to veteran mail artist Mick Boyle from nearby Pennsylvania. Mick Boyle’s envelope contained (above) this excellent print based on asemic characters created by Jason Motsch. Work by Jason Motsch, of course, has graced our humble pages in recent weeks. The collab is explained on the print’s reverse side. Unfortunately, it did not scan well:

Mick - 6.10.2015 - 2

We are very pleased to have this fine asemic work for the MinXus archives, and we will be sure to share it with the asemic writing group at the IUOMA. Mick Boyle is also currently involved in Trashpo and DKult. He sent some material connected to arcane Kult matters:

Mick - 6.10.2015 - 3

Fluxus bucks especially, we believe, have inspired the creation of invented currencies that pass through the network. Mick Boyle sent these unusual pieces:

Mick - 6.10.2015 - 4

The envelope:

Mick - 6.10.2015 - 5

And the reverse:

Mick - 6.10.2015 - 6

Mick Boyle is curating an exhibition of red-themed work, and he is calling for submissions. Make sure to check out the work he has received. If you haven’t sent him something, now is the time!



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