MinXus Mail Bag: A Card from Jesse Edwards (JesArchives) (Villemoustaussou, France)

Jesse - 6.9.2015 - 1

Mail art by Jesse Edwards (JesArchives) (VillemousTaussou, France)

Jesse Edwards is a marvelous correspondent, a gifted artist and a fount of knowledge concerning the network. He has been traveling recently – surfaced in Spain last week briefly – but has managed to send us some great cards consistently that we will gradually document. For the moment, we are learning more than we thought we would ever know about the French countryside, which bears surprising similarities to yet shocking differences from our humble, rustic and provincial Mink Ranch.

Jesse - 6.9.2015 - 2

Before rumors sprout like tendrils: We are not Moan Lisa. Jesse Edwards is just being funny. Many thanks to JesArchives!


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