MinXus Mail Bag: DKult Fan Club News Vol. IIIV (Austin, Texas, USA)

BG - 6.1.2015 - 1

BG - 6.1.2015 - 2

BG - 6.1.2015 - 3

BG - 6.1.2015 - 4

BG - 61.2015 - 5

BG - 6.1.2015 - 6

We are thrilled to have received this amazing newsletter from the DKult Fan Club Press and DKult Texas. We are sure Borderline Grafix in Austin is the mastermind behind this triumph of both images and writing. This is a piece that we believe stands on its own without need of our commentary, although we certainly must put in a plug for the DKULTNY coverage. We are also honored to be able to document this work on our humble pages, as we are confident the work of the DKult Fan Club Press will be viewed many years from now and have a place in the history or zines and mail art.

BG - 6.1.2015 - 7

Click below to see the previous issue from the DKult Fan Club Press:



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