MinXus Mail Bag: Printerpo by FinnBadger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Finn - 5.21.2015 - 1

Mail art by Finn Badger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Not long ago, we were thrilled to document a FAB Trashbook by FinnBadger. An online discussion about said work (if we are remembering correctly) touched on topics such as the artistic use of randomness, found materials and glitch art. Mostly due to Diane Keys’ work in the area, glitch art (often produced by digital malfunctions) has become associated with Trashpo in the mail art network. “Scannerbed compositions” (art made by improvised arrangement of material on a scannerbed and then quickly copied) has also become associated with Trashpo.

This provides a context for this interesting new piece sent by FinnBadger. It is a sturdy piece of carboard, approximately 5 X 7 inches, with unaltered, glitched text that looks to us like concrete poetry. To many viewers, this might appear to be nothing more than a piece of unremarkable cardboard. In the realm of Fluxus and DaDa – where distinctions between art and life are always a topic of scrutiny – the piece holds a certain fascination. FinnBadger wrote his explanation on the other side:

Finn - 5.21.2015 - 2

Thus FinnBadger officially adds Printerpo (we do not believe we have seen the term before) to the Trashpo Lexicon and the digital avant. Let’s try some other takes on the printerpo:

Finn - 5.21.2015 - 3

And even closer:

Finn - 5.21.2015 - 4

A certain element among conceptualists favors the production of art and writing by machines with as little human involvement as possible. (Or is that from 1984?) FinnBadger has taken both the conceptualist and machine-generated route here. The use of found material, at this point in time, is a kind of classicism.

We greatly appreciate having this interesting work for the archives!


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