A Second DKult Brooklyn (DKULTBRO) Newsletter Mysteriously Appears

Earlier in the spring, a newsletter alleged to have been produced by DKult Brooklyn appeared on several internet venues, including this humble blog. The document was anonymous but traced to sources in both Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York.

Critics claimed the DKULTBRO newsletter fanned the flames of an already volatile situation in New York State involving rival DKult chapters. Now a second and equally mysterious newsletter has been posted. This issue is now reaching a broader audience via The Telepath Telegraph blog, which features conspiracy theories and reports on the supernatural and extra-terrestrial encounters. http://thetelepathtelegraph.blogspot.com/2015/05/they-are-making-me-post-this.html?spref=fb A

DKULTNY spokesperson said, “DK, especially after the bumper sticker, I would think you would join DKULTNY in our effort to bring these posers to justice. We must get to the bottom of this and find out who is releasing this material. “Again, I call upon Mxxxx Wxxxx to appear here at IUOMA or in another public forum to address charges and to state whether or not she is behind these newsletters. Especially given the fund raising campaign for KDJ, I think the sale on organ transplants ad is extremely insensitive and in poor taste.”


Not playing with a full deck: A page from the second DKULTBRO newsletter. Full version posted on The Telepath Telegraph.


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