MinXus Mail Bag: Thomas Brown More or Less (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Tom - 5.21.2015 - 3

Mail art by Thomas Brown (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Thomas Brown is fast becoming an Eternal Network master of ceremonies for minimalist poetry and pithy event scores, territory inhabited – for example – by such stalwarts as Richard Canard (Illinois, USA). Luckily, minimalism is a field that inherently eludes crowding.

We are opening this humble blog of work by Thomas Brown with a very interesting add & pass sheet he sent us. This is definitely not minimal, but it has some asemic-suggestive glyphs that are begging for further mystification. The sheet came in this envelope:

Tom - 5.21.`015 - 4

We are also thrilled to share some new, trademark Thomas Brown cards received:

Tom - 5.21.2015 - 5

While the self-reflective text is minimal, the reverse side is crowded with information:

Tom - 5.21.2015 - 6

And another, equally self-referential:

Tom - 5.21.2015 - 1

This piece does include a visual element. And the reverse:

Tom - 5.21.2015 - 2

Many thanks to Thomas Brown for sending us this new work!


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