MinXus Mail Bag: Remix Doodle Collabs TLP by Rebecca Guyver and Diane Keys (Suffolk, UK and Elgin, Illinois, USA)

Rebecca - 5.7.3015  - 1

Mail art collabs by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK) and Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)

In March, we first shared upon our humble blog doodle collaborations by Rebecca Guyver and Diane Keys that have created such a sensation in the mail art network and especially in the Trashpo/DKult community.


The doodles represent an exciting alliance of DKULTUK and DKult’s Elgin headquarters. Miss Becca circulated the work diligently, and now we have received a batch of colorized doodles that provide an entire new perspective on the originals. (Make sure to click the scans to see enlargements.)

Rebecca - 5.7.2015 - 2

These came in a TLP (Tacky Little Pamphlet) that we disassembled in an effort to obtain better scans.

Rebecca - 5.7.2015 - 3

This, to the best of our recollection, is Miss Becca’s first venture into the venerable TLP (Tacky Little Pamphlet) genre made famous and best-known today through the work of John M. Bennett (Ohio, USA) and allegedly invented by Wild Billy Haddock in the 1970s. We think the color is absolutely FAB! The original doodles appear to have been modified making this remix even more worthy of a close perusal.

Rebecca - 5.7.2015 - 4

Rebecca - 5.7.2015 - 6

Rebecca - 5.7.2015 - 5

Rebecca Guyver also kindly included additional material in the mailing:

Rebecca - 5.7.2015 - 7

And the reverse:

Rebecca - 5.7.2015 - 8

Note that the work above is identified as scannerpo.

Rebecca - 5.7.2015 - 9

We are thrilled to have received this update from the Suffolk chicken ranch. Whether Miss Becca is planning to visit the USA this summer and further advance the sail art movement is unknown to us at the moment. We do encourage Tenderfoots to stay current with Rebecca Guyver via her blog, which is emerging as one of the more thorough and comprehensive mail art blogs that is currently active:



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