MinXus Mail Bag: The Incredible Hull-K – E Elkan (Hull, UK)

Elkan - 5.2.2015 - 1

Mail art by E Elkan (Hull, UK)

We offer a big “Howdy” and extend a secret MinXus handshake to Tenderfoot E Elkan whose FAB work graces and brightens our humble blog for the first time today. Exciting things are happening in Britain these days, and E Elkan (E E) – an apparent newcomer – is contributing to the effort. We spotted some fine work already by E E upon Miss Becca’s venerable blog, and E E is currently a presence at IUOMA-Ning where one can see more examples of the art.

Elkan - 5.2.2015 - 2

E Elkan produces what we will label a kind of expressionist art that exists on a borderland between rarified aesthetics and engaging graphic art. Sometimes we find the work making a segue into cartoons, which is meant to be a compliment. We certainly see a style and attitude ideally suited to mail art. E Elkan also has a special stamp-making talent. It is also early in the game, and we are relating some general and largely unformed impressions at this stage.

Elkan - 5.2.2015 - 3

In this mailing, E Elkan explores Moan Lisa’s (Iowa, USA) 5089 concept. 5089 is one of Moan’s calls that has “legs.” Many artists have responded. With Moan Lisa, we always caution against seeking rational or logical explanations. 5089 seems to represent Moan’s idea of a post-mail art movement,  but defining that movement is left to the participants.

Elkan - 5.2.2015 - 4

Like many of Moan’s chosen symbols and icons, 5089 is indeterminate. For the participating artists, it has become a floating signifier to be used for various subjective purposes. E Elkan sent the work in a wonderfully decorated envelope:

Elkan - 5.2.2015 - 5

And the reverse:

Elkan - 5.2.2015 - 6

Deepest thanks to E Elkan of Hull for sending this wonderful mail art!


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