MinXus Mail Bag: Jude Weirmeir Scores! (San Diego, California, USA)

jude - 5.1.2015 - 1

Mail art by Jude Weirmeir (San Diego, California, USA)

Musician and composer Jude Weirmeir sent us two great pieces that involve what we consider to be non-traditional musical scoring. Lines between auditory and visual art genres are blurred in this work. We even find a connection to food and taste. Given the nature of these scores, they could safely be called event scores. They could be considered scripts for performance art as well. We are not surprised Jude Weirmeir would invoke Fluxus on the reverse side:

jude - 5.1.2015 - 2

The piece is fun and a visual poem in its own right; this is a real example of Intermedia. Fluxus folk are and have been and involved with the art-in-life aspects of food, including the performance dimension. Alison Knowles’ classic The Identical Lunch performance is another example:

Jude Weirmeir has made a substantial contribution in the area as well.

A second piece received from Jude Weirmeir also uses the event score format:

Jude - 5.1.2015 - 4

We are reminded of classic event scores by George Brecht in particular; and of course John Cage compositions serve as a larger prototype. Here is the Drip Music score by George Brecht:

drip music1

Here is the reverse side of the card from Jude Weirmeir:

Jude - 5.1.2015 - 3

Deepest thanks to Jude Weirmeir for sending us this mail art compositions-event scores. We are always thrilled to add material like this to the MinXus Archives.


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