MinXus Mail Bag: Jerseymics (or Jerseymiotics) by Erica Durante (Waldwick, New Jersey, USA)

Erica - 4.29.2015 - 1

Mail art by Erica Durante (Waldwick, New Jersey, USA)

Asemic writing: Everyone is doing it these days, or so it seems. And our faithful correspondent in New Jersey, Erica Durante, weighs in with what we take to be her take on asemics.

This piece makes it clear to us that asemics and automatic writing/drawing are closely related. The piece has a childlike quality, bolstered by the stars that might have been placed by a parent or teacher. (Possibly it’s Trashpo.) Is Erica Durante making wry commentary on the over-intellectualization of asemic writing? Is she showing us it is easy, and we should look to children for inspiration? We shall plead our own reading is indeterminate and inconclusive. Perhaps you have another understanding, dearest Tenderfoot.

Erica - 4.29.2015 - 2

We are always thrilled to hear the news from Erica Durante. We offer congratulations as she continues in her superb role as President of DKULTJER: DKult New Jersey.


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