The DKult Brooklyn Trashpo Newsletter by Meeah Williams (Brooklyn, New York, USA)


DKult Brooklyn Newsletter by Meeah Williams (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

(Images courtesy of Borderline Grafix)

We went to great lengths to obtain scans of the DKULTBRO Trashpo newsletter for our intrepid Tenderfoots. Our deepest thanks and appreciation go to Borderline Grafix (BG) of Austin, Texas, USA. BG is the only person we know who received a copy in the mail. He made the scans and posted them at IUOMA-Ning in the All Things Trashpo group. We appropriated them to share with anyone who does not visit the IUOMA site and is interested.


The formation of DKULT Brooklyn has created some controversy among trashpoets, Dkulters and interested others. Still, we are not sure why so much secrecy is involved in the circulation of this newsletter.


At MinXus-Lynxus you can always count on finding the whole truth and the whole story.


This is undeniably work by Meeah Williams, in case anyone is unsure.


A great page!


Thanks again to Borderline Grafix, and although we believe in a unified New York under DKULTNY, we must congratulate Meeah Williams on a job well done.


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