MinXus Mail Bag: Exceptional Trashbook by FinnBadger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Finn - 4.23.2015 - 1

Mail art (Trashbook cover) by FinnBadger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Perusing this absolutely extraordinary work we received from FinnBadger, we note that the creation of a trashbook is becoming a rite of passage for new mail artists who are establishing a personal network and exploring the various forms and modes available. FinnBadger tells us his trashbook includes work by Katerina Nikoltsou aka Momkat (Greece), Linda French (USA), Petrolpetal (South Africa), Minneapolis Gnome (USA), DKult aka Diane Keys (USA) and possibly others. We apologize in advance for the quality of the scans, which do not do just to this amazing piece.

Since the ascension of Trashpo a few years ago, we have received and documented many wonderful trashbooks. Some of the artists have gone on to become identified as trashpoets and DKulters. Others have gone in a different direction but seemed to have enjoyed the exercise. Most who take the trashbook challenge are interested in book arts, artists books and collaborative books.

Whatever the reasons for this extraordinary labor, we are thrilled that FinnBadger chose to share this trashbook with us. Not to brag, but we have received, documented and commented upon trashbook classics by Diane Keys, Cheryl Penn, Eduardo Cardoso, Nancy Bell Scott and others who pioneered the form. This work by FinnBadger stands easily and equally with the giants.

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 2

FinnBadger’s trashbook is dense and complex. The stance overall is anti-art rather than the aesthetic wing of the genre. The piece is constructed with paper bags that contain loose items. Various folds produce sub-pages and conceal hidden compartments and images. Thus, documentation of all permutations and perspectives is nearly impossible. We can only offer a limited view.

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 3

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 4

Here is a loose, found item from inside one of the bags:

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 5

We are a little perplexed concerning right-side-up and forward and backward, but we shall proceed all the same:

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 7

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 6

What is a trashbook without an homage to DK?

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 8

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 9

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 10

More found material from one of the bags.

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 11

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 12

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 13

Finn - 4.24.2015 - 14

Deepest thanks to FinnBadger for this amazing trashbook!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. danmouer2014
    Apr 25, 2015 @ 12:39:40

    Finnbadger’s book is a prize! Thanks for blogging it DVS


  2. minkrancher
    Apr 27, 2015 @ 23:38:13

    Thanks Dan. This one was a labor of love in terms of scanning, I guess, in that M-L must have the most extensive documentation of trashbooks in the world, unless we count IUOMA that is. This had to be added. FinnBadger created a masterpiece and has already received a TrashPo Litzer in recognition.

    The thing about it is that he captured every innovation people have added over the last three years. Via e-mail, I couldn’t really get him to confess that he had studied the iconic pieces by DK, Nancy Bell Scott, Cheryl Penn etc. Maybe he was just lucky or is very creative and managed to re-invent the wheel.

    Anyway, great work by a nice guy.


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