MinXus Mail Bag: Dynamic Duo Illustrations, Letter + Mail Art Call from Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds & Alyssum (Payson, Arizona, USA)

Mudhead - 4.19.2015 - 1

Mail art by Chris Reynolds aka Mudhead and Alyssum (Payson, Arizona, USA)

Our favorite Seers – Mudhead and Alyssum – have sent us a fabulous new missive featuring some absolutely extraordinary drawings we are thrilled to share.

Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds is well known in the mail art network as well as in the Fluxus community. The duo of Mudhead and Alyssum is emerging as an exciting presence. We first wrote about them in February:


Back to the new work:

Mudhead - 4.19.2015 - 2

Our praise of the illustrations should in no way overshadow the power of the writing by Alyssum and Mudhead. “Letter: 1 One Won 1” is a masterpiece worthy of perusal and meditation. Mudhead and Alyssum are far more than a collaborative, artistic duo rooted in sensational visuals. They are formulating a philosophy and a way of living that integrates art and life as well as participation in the network.

Mudhead - 4.19.2015 - 3

Mail art by Chris Reynolds aka Mudhead and Alyssum (Payson, Arizona, USA)

Mudhead - 4.19.2015 - 4

These wonderful drawings remind us of the underground comix milieu and R Crumb in particular, although comparison to another artist – again – has limitations. First, Chris Reynolds has a highly individualistic and developed style, which is uniquely his own and recognizable. Second, Alyssum’s drawing talent is proven here to be equally astounding as well as complementary to the duo. Given the choice by Alyssum and Mudhead to go “off the grid” and (mostly) utilize mail art’s traditional modes, a retro nod to the old underground is highly appropriate. Furthermore, we know Mudhead is more than capable of intentionally choosing this as an artistic strategy and Alyssum appears to be very abstractly and conceptually grounded as well. We believe an enlightened retroism informs this package and contributes to its success.

Mudhead - 4.19.2015 - 5

We were a bit conflicted about posting this work on the net, probably a needless concern as Alyssum and Mudhead continue to post work online. However, we see it as a way to introduce the Seers concept and Mudhead and Alyssum to Tenderfoots who might not otherwise encounter them. Work by Mudhead and Alyssum could potentially resonate with people and even be life changing.

Mudhead - 4.19.2015 - 6

Here is the envelope:

Mudhead - 4.19.2015 - 7

And the reverse:

Mudhead - 4.19.2015 - 8

Many thanks to Alyssum and Mudhead!

Make sure to visit Alyssum Moinet’s blog:



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