MinXus Mail Bag: FAB Art & Post-Industrial Audio in the Network with allison anne (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)

allison - 3.30.2015 - 1

Mail art by allison anne (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)

Tenderfoots must surely recall allison anne’s stunning debut upon our humble pages not long ago:


allison anne is proving to be a dedicated correspondent with exciting news and views. An added bonus is that we keep up with her art and music interests online as well. Her Dear Detective blog is a must-read-regularly:


allison anne has released some wonderful prints into the network recently, and we are so pleased she thought of us. In terms of her mail-art, allison anne is exploring the aesthetic potential of the postcard form. This piece also suggests she might find her way into other mail art genres, such as asemics. Time will tell. allison anne also included a kind note on the reverse side:

allison - 3.30.2015 - 2

Our introduction to allison anne ignited a Genesis P-Orridge revival here at the Mink Ranch. This time (see above) she sent us a tip about a book that we are going to investigate further: Unofficial Release: Self Released and Handmade Audio in Post-Industrial Society by Thomas Bey William Bailey.

Among other things, the book explores the synergy created when the mail art network was a conduit for new music and managed to change the world. Unofficial Release includes interviews with mail art luminaries Vittore Baroni (Italy), Rod Summers (Netherlands) and GX Jupitter-Larsen among others. Looks amazing!


And while we are at it, oh thirstful Tenderfoots, we want to make sure you know Cheryl Penn (South Africa) and none other than Rod Summers have collaborated on a book that sure looks swell:


We can always count on allison anne for great art and ideas as well as interesting news – many thanks!

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