MinXus Mail Bag: Trashemics by Diane Keys + D-Kollabs with Tomoe Nakamura & Egg Tooth

DK - 2.28.2015 - 1

Mail art by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)

While Diane Keys is best known as the Queen of Trash and DKult’s psychic leader, she is a talented and recognized asemic writer and visual poet as well. This most recent mailing from Elgin features new asemic vispo accompanied by collabs with Tomoe Nakamura and the enigmatic Egg Tooth.

DK - 3.28.2015 - 2

Diane Keys is a graduate of the Martha Stuart School of Asemic Wallpaper, and these recent pieces display an asemic style that earned her accolades and attention during the school’s heyday several years ago. At that time, Diane Keys was baking her book pages in an oven to achieve a rainy, impressionist effect. We doubt the piece above is “cooked,” but it does reveal the watery effect that is her asemic trademark and renders the text unintelligible in any conventional sense.

Here are the collabs. These appear to have been copied, and other parts of the series can be found online:

DK - 3.28.2015 - 3

Mail art collaborations by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA), Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan) and Egg Tooth

These show the DK preoccupation with both found material and doodling. Diane Keys’ current position is that asemic writing is a form of doodling. We are very pleased to receive the collab with Japanese artist Tomoe Nakamura:

DK - 3.28.2015 - 4

Mail art collaboration by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA) and Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan)

Here is the reverse side with more collabs:

DK - 3.28.2015 - 5

Here is a close up:

DK - 3.28.2015 - 7

Collab by Diane Keys and Egg Tooth

We do not know much about the artist Egg Tooth, other than s/he has a collaborative relationship with DK that is producing some spectacular results. Some of the usual DKult propaganda was included:

DK - 3.28.2015 - 8

Note the asemic wallpaper reference. Here is the reverse side:

DK - 3.28.2015 - 9

And the envelope:

DK - 3.28.2015 - 10

DK - 3.28.2015 - 11

DK - 3.28.2015 - 12

DK - 3.28.2015 - 14

DK - 3.28.2015 - 15

Many thanks to DK, Egg Tooth and Tomoe!


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