MinXus Mail Bag: Lightning Strikes in FAB Artists Book by Henry Denander (Stockholm, Sweden)

Henry - 3.20.2015 - 1

Mail art by Henry Denander (Stockholm, Sweden)

A huge Mink Ranch “Howdy” and secret MinXus handshake are extended to artist and poet Henry Denander who so kindly and thoughtfully sent us this wonderful artists book and ephemera. We will display excerpts rather than reproduce the whole edition. Here are some essentials:

Henry - 3.20.2015 - 2

Henry - 3.20.2015 - 3

Texture and color are particularly powerful in Rectangular Stacks of Lightning.

Henry - 3.20.2015 - 4

The book incorporates both visual and textual elements. We note a visual-narrative continuity that holds it together.

Henry - 3.20.2015 - 5

Henry - 3.20.2015 - 6

Henry Denander also included this loose piece that captures the spirit of Rectangular Stacks of Lightning:

Henry - 2.2015 - 7

We found an accompanying note and card:

Henry - 3.20.2015 - 8

The envelope is excellent:

Henry - 3.20.2015 - 9

Many thanks to Henry Denander!

To see more work by Henry Denander, make sure to visit:



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  2. Terry
    Aug 31, 2015 @ 17:49:16

    I just viewed Mr. Denander’s recent asemic piece on your web site. Intentional asemic writing is the best, in my opinion, and his is a beautiful example that has reached and inspired me. Thank you for sharing.


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