MinXus Mail Bag: Trashpo by Eric Durante (DKULTJER President) (Waldwick, New Jersey, USA)

Erica - 3.4.2015 - 1

Mail-art by Erica Durante (Waldwick, New Jersey, USA)

Erica Durante is a wonderful correspondent and faithful M-L contributor. Her work often explores the verbal-visual realm (as some have attempted to describe vispo), and so we have that affinity. As this recent work testifies, Erica also works with found material and has ventured into the area of Trashpo. We believe this collage with its careful layering (yet anti-art aesthetic) and juxtapositions of language is, indeed, the finest Trashpo she has sent us thus far.

As members of DKULTNY (DKult New York), we enjoy a blissful and uncomplicated mail-art relationship with Eric Durante who is a member of DKULTJER (DKult New Jersey and by default its president). We are greatly relieved, and this wonderful mail art is an affirmation, that the recent controversy involving Meeah Williams and the formation of DKULT Brooklyn has not intruded upon our network relations with Erica.

When we (as DKULTNY members) announced the transfer of Meeah Willams to DKULTJER, we probably should have consulted with Erica Durante and other members of that chapter. However, Meeah Williams refused the transfer and DKULT Brooklyn is now a reality. A saving grace of the affair is that Erica was never dragged into the fray and Meeah remains a thorn in the side of DKULTNY with little impact upon and no interest in New Jersey.

Erica - 3.4.2015 - 2

As ever, deepest thanks to Erica Durante. We are relieved our relationship has not been tarnished by DKULT Brooklyn.


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