MinXus Mail Bag: Fish Neck is the New Fork Lint by C. Mehrl Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

CMB - 2.27.2015 - 1

Mail-art by C. Mehrl Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Somewhere along the meandering and dusty trail between Infinity and Columbus, John M. Bennett coined the term “fork lint,” which captured the fancy of trashpoets and DKulters especially. At best, “fork lint” is an authentic, floating, indeterminate signifier. Attaching itself to Trashpo, “fork lint” birthed Lintpo and related concepts and projects. For instance, circa 2011 Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA) mailed John M. Bennett a bag of lint. This was possibly the height of the Lintpo phenom, although we’re not sure:

fork lint 2.271

Our brief investigation also revealed the video of a Fork Lint performance piece of more recent origin:

Regardless of the history, C. Mehrl Bennett – it so great to receive mail from her – has informed us, and now you – dear Tenderfoots – that “fork lint” has been usurped by “fish neck.” Of course we are (initially) perplexed. We are grateful for the news and confident we will soon adapt to the “fish neck” reality. On the reverse side, C. Mehrl Bennett includes a tantalizingly open field that we can imagine filling with asemics and returning to her:

CMB - 2.27.2015 - 2

Many thanks to C. Mehrl Bennett. We are possibly out of the “fork lint” loop and have missed some valuable information that provides a more solid context. Updates are always appreciated to serve the common good. Otherwise it shall remain: “Onward and pass the fork lint.”


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  1. C. Mehrl Bennett
    Feb 27, 2015 @ 14:35:47

    Yes, I can provide a bit more CON-TEXT here: FORK LINT is a “collaborative” phrase devise by both John and me, CMB…. as is FISH NECK. So, via synchronicity, CON-TEXT was a very good choice of word, Devillo! I have also recieved a beautiful BOX’o LINT in the mail from Alan Revich of Canada.


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