MinXus Mail Bag: Meeah Williams Sends A D-Klaration of Independence (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

meeah - 2.23.2015 - 1

Mail art by Meeah Williams (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Tenderfoots, especially those with an interest in Trashpo and DKult, are doubtless aware that the once monolithic DKult New York (DKULTNY) chapter is crumbling or – depending upon how you see it – DKULTNY is undergoing a radical transformation that is likely to result in several distinct chapters in New York State. Meeah Williams has announced the formation of a chapter separate from DKULTNY: DKult Brooklyn. The more DKULTNY protests, the more Meeah Williams affirms DKult Brooklyn.

meeah - 2.23.2015 - 2

Our purpose in posting this blog is not to fan the flames of the controversy nor to give credibility to Meeah Williams’ divisive actions. We do believe this is mail-art worthy of documentation and hope the issues can be settled by DKult leadership. Meeah Williams included this rendering of Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA) in the package she sent us:

meeah - 2.23.2015 - 3

Depiction of Diane Keys by Meeah Williams

The message seems to be that despite contentious argument about chapter structures, trashpoets are united in their adoration of DK. We must admit to favoring the various DKULTNY depictions of the Queen of Trash:


Official DKULTNY image of DK

Meeah Williams also included this erasure poem:

meeah - 2.23.2015 - 4

And a collage on the reverse side:

meeah - 2.23.2015 - 5

While the envelope has the usual obfuscation, we have learned to recognize a missive from Meeah Williams.

meeah - 2.23.2015 - 6

And the reverse:

meeah - 2.23.2015 - 7

Many thanks to Meeah Williams. We hope you enjoy DKult New Jersey.


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