MinXus Mail Bag: Our Barfa Stewart Tacky Gift from Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

barfa gift1

Mail-art by Rebecca Guyver depicting Queen of Trash Diane Keys (Suffolk, UK)

The very late posting of this wonderful mail-art gift from Rebecca Guyver is the result of us having for some time sought not to acknowledge or to actually attempt to conceal our, what has proven to be, disastrous involvement in last holiday season’s Barfa Stewart Tacky Gift Exchange, which was organized on Facebook and attracted a veritable Who’s Who of trashpoets and high-profile mail artists.

Due to circumstances beyond our feeble attempt at “damage control,” we are now offering a degree of “transparency” concerning our involvement in the Barfa Stewart Tacky Gift Exchange. We wish to publically thank Rebecca Guyver, as she seems to have had the great misfortune of drawing our names by chance and has thus been sucked into the whirlwind of controversy and derision now associated with our innocent attempt to exchange gifts and accusations that we sought to profit from receiving gifts without reciprocating, running a “scam,” as they say. (Make no mistake, dear Tenderfoots, we limped away scathed and pummeled from an event that brought joy to so many others.)

Certainly, Rebecca is in no way involved with comments we here at the mink ranch are alleged to have made: that the organizer of the Barfa Stewart Tacky Gift Exchange is a “retard” and anyone who participated is “a mindless trashsnake with too much time on their hands.” We challenge anyone to prove we ever made these wretched comments; and we denounce those comments that, by the way, do not begin to match in vulgarity and rudeness the insults hurled upon us.

Furthermore, we will not dignify with any narrative or explanation the sordid public lynching we received on Facebook at the hands of expert and experienced assassins such as KDJ Jay and her band of hoodlum “friends.” We still weep at the loss of an old and dear friend as the result of a misunderstanding concerning our attempt to find a suitable gift. The damage would likely not be so great if a chorus of cackling jackals had not fueled the flames into a kind of napalm bombing. Suffice to say, “Today I went out to look for a gift for Lisa,” is a line now etched in the memories of likely hundreds of individuals.

Having addressed the context, we now rise from the dusty trail where we fell, brush ourselves off, climb back upon our horse and share our Barfa Stewart Tacky Gift from Rebecca Guyver. Inside the very large envelope, was a huge DKult stocking:

Rebecca - 2.13.2015 - 1

The boot was too large to scan, so we hope you get the idea. Here is the reverse side:

Rebecca - 2.13.2015 - 2

Sheet music was stuffed inside the DKult boot:

Rebecca - 2.13.2015 - 3

This one (above) has a FAB mink ranch theme.

Rebecca - 2.13.2015 - 4

Rebecca - 2.13.2015 - 5

The DK snowman (an actual pic of Diane Keys) is one of our faves, so we present a second attempt at documentation:

Rebecca - 2.13.2015 - 6

Rebecca Guyver’s custom is always to include a detailed note, and the Barfa Stewart exchange was no exception:

Rebecca - 2.13.2015 - 7

Rebecca - 2.13.2015 - 8

Rebecca also included an amazing DKulter stamp:

Rebecca - 2.13.2015 - 9

And the gigantic envelope:

Rebecca - 2.13.2015 - 10

And the reverse:

Rebecca - 2.13.2015 - 11

Deepest thanks to Rebecca Guyver for helping us to salvage some good from an otherwise horrific experience.


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