MinXus Mail Bag: Excerpts from “Womanifesto” by Maria Morisot (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Moan - 2.7.2015 - 1

Cover of “Womanifesto” by Maria Morisot (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

We are honored to have received a hard copy (ranging somewhere between an estimated 50-100 pages) of “Womanifesto” by Maria Morisot (aka Moan Lisa). We are only posting modest excerpts today because the entire document can be accessed elsewhere, although the copy we have appears to be one-of-a-kind and will be carefully preserved in the MinXus USA Archives.

Moan - 2.7.2015 - 2

We have been readers of Maria Morisot’s lyrics for some time now. They are very well-crafted and have an interesting, sometimes sonnet like, formal structure. They are not unlike Emily Dickinson’s poems – we see them emanating from that impulse – in the sense that they have a serial quality built on associative themes using a mix of rhetoric and imagery.

Moan - 2.7.2015 - 3

The “Womanifesto” has a consistent, additional element of interest with the (apparently) asemic notations added.

Moan - 2.7.2015 - 4

In most cases, the notations are embellishments. Sometimes they are erasures.

Moan - 2.7.2015 - 5

The “Womanifesto” can be viewed as part of a larger gender exploration project involving writing and visual arts being conducted by Moan Lisa.

Moan - 2.7.2015 - 6

As stated earlier, the foundation for the “Womanifesto” is a fairly traditional lyric sequence, although occasionally variants appear (such as the 3/6/3 haiku above) that provide textual disruption.

Moan - 2.7.2015 - 7

Many thanks to Maria Morisot for entrusting us with an MS of the “Womanifesto.”


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