MinXus Mail Bag: Can Anyone Give us a Hand with a Mail Art Mystery from Richmond, Virginia, USA?

Mystery - 2.4.2015 - 1

Work by unknown mail artist (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Lately, it seems, we have been dealing with a greater than average number of mail-art mysteries here at the Mink Ranch. Some of it, we contend, has resulted from Meeah Williams’ identity pranks and fallout for the (illegal) formation of her DKULTBRO (or DKULTLYN = DKult Brooklyn). Her deportation to DKULTJER (DKult New Jersey), we thought, had eased the tensions and lessened perplexity associated with strange mailings and internet postings. However, we did receive this unsigned work that appears to have been mailed from Richmond, Virginia, USA. The miniature artwork (above) was carefully enclosed in a small envelope within a larger envelope:

Mystery - 2.4.2015 - 2

The outer shell:

Mystery - 2.4.2015 - 3

Our first thought (not always best thought) was that this originated with Meeah. The style seems to be hers and she somehow has the ability to mail work from locations a good distance from her Brooklyn headquarters. Otherwise, we can only think of our good friend Dan Mouer is in Richmond. Would Dan send us this? We think not, although we await his view on this matter. Diane Keys – now publically defending the illegal formation of DKYLTBRO and thus again at odds with the monolithic DKULTNY – has suggested this is work by David Stafford (New Mexico, USA). She has a point. The work reflects David Stafford’s style as well. But how did he arrive in Richmond, Virginia, and why would he mail it from there?

As with all these cases, we seek assistance in identifying the artist so that person can be properly thanked and the work can be appropriately archived.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dan
    Feb 04, 2015 @ 13:26:57

    C’est moi. I am surrounded by doodlemania so I’ve been doodling out of self defense, decided to concentrate on some ATCs, but the PO would not accept the little ATC envelopes. So I recycled the stamps and repackaged the packaged and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


  2. Terry
    Feb 04, 2015 @ 14:34:48

    You certainly have your share of mysteries! I searched IUOMA members, looking for Richmond, VA. There are 15 members from Richmond. Of course, there may be others who have not posted their cities. Perhaps one of these will ring a bell? I love a good mystery. 🙂


  3. minkrancher
    Feb 04, 2015 @ 20:53:02

    OMG! Thank you Dan Mouer! It’s not like we didn’t think of you, as the blog text proves.

    Neoist-like paranoia hangs over the ranch like a haze these days. We had Meeah Williams tried and sentenced. Both DK and Alicia Starr were David Stafford advocates. (But we kept asking: How did David manage to mail it from Richmond?)

    It’s a really funny piece, have been chortling about it all day. Thanks again.

    Terry, you are a Tenderfoot detective of the highest order! We will definitely send you a Mink Ranch detective badge and a certificate for your effort.

    Digging into Virginia generally, we’d find many artists who have graced these humble pages – including Trashpo Jesus Jim Leftwich. We could have fabricated even more conspiracy theories – better it didn’t go further.

    This one was great fun for us on a gloomy winter’s day. Thanks all


  4. Terry
    Feb 07, 2015 @ 19:42:58

    I am honored to be a Tenderfoot detective of the highest order. A badge is certainly not needed or expected. Your kind words are more than sufficient. 🙂


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