MinXus Mail Bag: Asemic Floorplan by Maria Morisot (Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA)

Marisot - 1.16.2015 - 1

Mail art by Maria Morisot (Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA)

We are not sure if Maria Morisot is a real person or another construct among Moan Lisa’s (Iowa City, Iowa, USA) deep structure identity explorations. Regardless, we are always pleased to receive mail from her. She is an excellent and prolific poet, as you can see from the work above.

Moan Lisa has an extremely complex theory concerning asemic writing, which we cannot explain accurately or adequately in this space. Maria Morisot seems to share these views, and this wonderful collage calls upon the viewer to explore many factors – including image, text and fragment – to reach a deeper understanding of the asemic condition.

Marisot - 1.16.2015 - 2

Many thanks to Maria Morisot.


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