MinXus Mail Bag: FAB Add & Pass Art by Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan)

Tomoe - 1.15.2015 - 1

Mail-art by Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan)

We have followed work by Tomoe Nakamura and communicated with her online off and on for five years now. This is the first paper correspondence we have received from her, and we are absolutely ecstatic. The main attraction is a beautiful add & pass style collage on an approximately 8.5 X 11 inches sheet. We find sensibilities expressed in the work including Fluxus and Gutai. Especially, we see a contemporary mail-art aesthetic incorporating found materials and that is Trashpo-suggestive. Tomoe helps fuse these diverse signifiers (most with stamp qualities) into a near-formalist unity. She is a talented visual artist without question, but this particular work is language-centered. Tomoe Nakamura also included some very nice cards:

Tomoe - 1.15.2015 - 2

This material arrived at the Mink Ranch in a wonderful envelope:

Tomoe - 1.15.2015 - 3

And the reverse side:

Tomoe - 1.15.2015 - 4

Many thanks to Tomoe Nakamura! We look forward to more exchanges in the future. Tomoe Nakamura has a strong online presence and is easy to find. Nevertheless, here is place to start:



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