MinXus Mail Bag: Tinsel Town Trashpo is Social Realism in the Hands of Nadine Wendell-Mojica (Burbank, California, USA)

Nadine - 1.10.2015 - 1

Mail art by Nadine Wendell-Mojica (Burbank, California, USA)

We are eager to share a fresh installment of our very popular Hollywood report from our FAB, on-the-scene M-L correspondent, Nadine Wendell-Mojica. The Las Vegas pendant (above) with the wonderful, faded letters at the top works for us splendidly as a Trashemic object poem. Nadine’s report contains a wealth of just marv material. The opulence and abundance is connected to the (now fading) holiday season that, in this case, still retains a rough-around-the-edges sparkle:

Nadine - 1.10.2015 - 2

Tenderfoots will note that in the upper-right portion of the scan (above) Nadine perceptively included some dialogue by Joe Friday (Jack Webb) from Dragnet. We have been making allusions to the LA-centered show for some time when writing about Nadine’s report. Dragnet, indeed, is part of the concept of the MinXus-LynXus Hollywood report.

Nadine - 1.10.2015 - 3

This scan (above) mostly displays reverse sides. We do appreciate the way Nadine always includes some of her trademark caricatures when filing her report.

Nadine - 1.10.2015 - 4

We hold the position that Trashpo is, or can be in the hands of a master, a form of social realism. Nadine Wendell-Mojica could well be writing a great Hollywood Trashpo epic upon the demure pages of our humble blog. We are thrilled!

Nadine - 1.10.2015 - 5

Thus we have another edition of the MinXus Hollywood report filed, shared and recorded for posterity. Many thanks, Nadine – scouring the gritty streets of Hollywood so that we might know the truth.



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  1. Nadine
    Jan 10, 2015 @ 21:13:27

    Aint Nothin Like the Real Thing which there is little evidence of here in So CA LA. Many thanks for the post. I’ll continue to keep my eyes linked to the grind/ground.


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