MinXus Mail Bag: Almost Vispo by Linda Faye French (Two Harbors, Minnesota, USA)

Linda - 1.6.2015 - 1

Mail art by Linda Faye French (Two Harbors, Minnesota, USA)

We offer a large “Howdy,” a wink and a secret MinXus handshake to Tenderfoot Linda Faye French of Minnesota who brightens our humble pages with this magnificent mail art. Linda is making positive impressions and new friends at the IUOMA. We are certainly very pleased to make her acquaintance.

This piece, approximately 4 X 6 inches, is painted (or otherwise dabbed or drawn) meticulously upon very sturdy material. We think this work has a wonderful sense of movement and design, primarily involving repetition. This is an abstract work, certainly not the first we have seen in contemporary mail art, that borders on being vispo or asemics without making the full leap (which is completely okay we hasten to add).

In mail art, genres tend to overlap in interesting ways (in some instances it is called intermedia). This work by Linda Faye French is a fine example of the possibilities. Unfortunately, we have struggled a bit trying to decide whether the work is best viewed as horizontal or vertical. So here is another possibility:

Linda - 1.6.2015 - 3

The strings are a wonderful touch as well. We are not yet familiar enough with Linda Faye French’s style and personal visual syntax to offer an interpretation, other than registering that we like what she is doing very much. Here is the reverse side:

Linda - 1.6.2015 - 2

Mail art by Linda Faye French is a shining example of contemporary mail art. Observers have noted – John Held Jr. among them – that on the current scene (what we call Mail Art NouveauX) mail-art’s connection to conceptual art and the post-avant (via the Ray Johnson lineage) is diminishing and the genre is evolving into folk art. This work by Linda Faye French, we believe, reveals the folk art aspect as well. This piece also mimics aspects of digital art that is also appearing more and more frequently in the network. Thus, a triumph of this art by Linda Faye French is its harmonious synthesis of several diverse modes. The envelope is very nice as well:

Linda - 1.6.2015 - 4

And the reverse:

Linda - 1.6.2015 - 5

Many thanks to Linda Faye French for this lovely mail art and apologies for the vertical/horizontal confusion. (She is not the first.) We look forward to exchanges in 2015.


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