MinXus Mail Bag: DaDa from Giovanni and Renata Strada (StraDA DA) (Ravenna, Italy)

Strada - 12.22.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Giovanni and Renata Strada (Ravenna, Italy)

A big howdy and secret MinXus handshake are extended to the Italian duo Giovanni and Renata Strada.

Their wonderful missive managed to reach the Mink Ranch mailbox out by the interstate that Dark wall checks religiously. Italian mail-art, not to mention the Italian avant, seems from out perspective like a world unto itself. We have a few friends but much is happening all the time that is mostly unknown to us. It is a world well worth exploring, and we recommend that Tenderfoots pursue Italian connections. Italy is producing absolutely superb and sophisticated vispo, for example.

Strada - 12.22.2014 - 2

Prior to receiving this mail-art, we knew of Giovanni and Renata Strada, especially the performance component; but we still do not know much about them. We intend to learn more. A cursory check reveals much internet material The mail-art is composed mostly of approximately 8.5 x 11 inch, copied collages. Whether intentional or not, they have a familiar, retro feel due to style and copy distortion. All the pieces are stamped and signed on the back.

Strada - 12.22.2014 - 3

We like this piece (above) especially. Giovanni and Renata Strada also include all sorts of contact information, which is very helpful.

Strada - 12.22.2014 - 4

The envelope is interesting. Giovanni and Renata Strada must have seen and were influenced by the Blessed Father and his Church of Right Now (San Diego, California, USA).

Strada - 12.22.2014 - 5

And the reverse:

Strada - 12.22.2014 - 6

Deepest thanks to Giovanni and Renata Strada!


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