MinXus Mail Bag: Is DharmaDaDa Neil Gordon’s Proposed Borscht Belt Move D-Kosher? (Lehigh Acres, Florida, USA)

Neil - 12.14.2014 - 1

Mail-art by DharmaDaDa Neil Gordon (Lehigh Acres, Florida, USA)

Neil Gordon is a longtime mail-art friend and always welcome MinXus-LynXus contributor.

Like Grigori Antonin, Neil fell under the influence of the teachings of Erni Baer (Hamburg, Germany) and is thus known in the network as DharmaDaDa Neil Gordon. Neil also served as an exemplary DKult Chaplain and still holds that title, at least in an honorary capacity in deep appreciation for all his contributions. The rapid growth of DKult chapters has resulted in a de-centralization of the leadership structure, so Neil’s vigilant service is not required in the same way it was during the time of dramatic D-Konversions. His service will never be forgotten.

We very much enjoyed Neil Gordon’s post-punk, anti-art style mail-art when he was residing in Connecticut. His move to Florida seems to have caused a lag in correspondence, which is understandable and hopefully temporary. We were thrilled to receive this missive from him. Thus, DharmaDaDA Neil has gone from being a member of DKult-Connecticut (DKULTCON) to a new position in DKult-Florida (DKULTFLA). We hope he can connect with KDJ because she is DKULTFLA president.

We are not surprised that the first communication from Neil Gordon in some time would involve DKult. He is proposing, apparently, moving headquarters from Elgin, Illinois, USA to Loch Sheldrake, New York, USA. Loch Sheldrake is a resort town in New York’s Catskill Mountains, part of the famous region once known as the Borscht Belt. Should we rename the mountains the D-Katskills?

Neil - 12.14.2014 - 2

The Mink Ranch is actually in a region removed from the Catskills. We believe the Borscht Belt idea is brilliant and has considerable poetic justice as well. We fear, however, that the objections will come from Elgin and DK herself. Removing DKult headquarters to the Borscht Belt would make New York (DKULTNY) the center of global DKULTism. DKULTNY is one of the world’s largest chapters and relations with DK, KDJ and other “higher ups” tend to be stormy. For instance, DKULTNY recently issued a petition asking DK to cease and desist destruction of priceless historic Trashpo works in the name of “collaboration.” Additionally, other chapters might feel slighted. If headquarters are to me moved, why would locations in – say – Britain or Latvia be overlooked? We cannot imagine DK or KDJ approving the move of headquarters to New York, but we will pass this proposal along through proper channels. Who knows? Neil also included other interesting items:

Neil - 12.14.2014 - 3

Rauschenberg was always up to something, wasn’t he? A Ray Johnson Favorite.

Neil - 12.14.2014 - 4

Very vintage, interesting and amusing! Where did Neil Gordon find this cartoon?

Neil - 12.14.2014 - 5

Just FAB to receive mail from good friend DharmaDaDa Neil Gordon! Let’s keep in touch.


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