MinXus-LynXus Moan Lisa X-Mas Special + 2014 Grigori Antonin Mail-Art Champ Lost Classic

moan - 12.11.2014 - 1 Holiday mail-art by Moan Lisa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Many thanks to Moan Lisa for a conventionally tasteful and very pleasing holiday greeting. We are doing a Moan Lisa tribute today, as 2014 draws to a conclusion, that requires a little explaining and a further homage to another mail-artist. First, the reverse side of the holiday card Moan Lisa sent us:

Moan - 12.11.2014  - 2 -

Very interesting side!

mail-art winner 20101

Mail-art by Grigori Antonin from 2010 (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) digitally re-mastered and courtesy of Elaine the Librarian collection

A very few Tenderfoots who have ridden with us for a good stretch on the Long and Dusty Trail might yet recall this piece we are sharing with you today as a MinXus-Lynxus Lost Classic. The memories of stale triumphs now forgotten give this historic work a deeper poignancy akin to the “carpe diem” montage in Dead Poets Society. Yet it did provide us with an idea. Re-establishing this tradition started by Grigori Antonin, we proclaim Moan Lisa the MinXus-Lynxus Mail-Art Champ of 2014. We thank, profusely, all the Tenderfoots, Hardcores and Chronics alike who have sent us the wonderful work that made 2014 a very successful year for this humble blog.

This posting is in no way meant to diminish your wonderful contributions. BUT, and many of you might not realize this, Moan Lisa has been by far our most faithful correspondent in terms of snail mail quantity, which is an important measure of an excellent correspondent. The work has ranged, in our estimation, from genius to mundane chronicles of everyday life; it has always been received with joy. Due to our own shortcomings, we have neither responded with equivalent volume or depth nor have we been able to document properly every Moan missive received for the blog or the MinXus-Lynxus Archives (although all Moan’s work is part of the collection). Our deepest congratulations and thanks to Moan Lisa, MinXus-Lynxus Mail-Art Champ 2014. MinXus-Lynxus obviously favors visual poetry, so we are thrilled to share with you some FAB vispo works Moan Lisa sent us in August but that we have not yet documented – until today!

Moan - 12.11.2014 - 3

Mail-art by Moan Lisa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Moan - 12.11.2014 - 4

Moan Lisa appropriates a lot of material, so look for your work!

Moan - 12.11.2014 - 5

Moan - 12.11.2014 - 6

Moan - 12.11.2014 - 7

Moan - 12.11.2014 - 8

Thanks and congratulations again to Moan Lisa: MinXus-Lynxus Mail-Art Champ 2014!!!

grigori 20101

Another MinXus-Lynxus Lost Classic: “Now, Jen!” by Grigori Antonin (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA). Digitally re-mastered courtesy of the Jen Staggs collection.


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