The Strange Case of Nadja Seven, Alesandra Crowley & the Meeah Williams Look-Alikes

meeah - 12.9.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Alesandra Crowley (Berkeley, California, USA) and/or Meeah Williams (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Last week Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA) posted online documentation of mail-art he received from an unknown artist supposedly in Westport, Massachusetts, USA. He attributed the work to CZ Lovecraft because Lovecraft’s Westport address appeared on the front of the envelope even though the name Nadja Seven accompanied the address and not Lovecraft’s. (Nadja Seven is possibly a reference to an anime character.)

Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA) observed the actual work sent Borderline Grafix resembled the distinctive style of Meeah Williams in Brooklyn. The likeness was uncanny to the point where it had to be considered a brilliant forgery. Thus the buzz began. Why would Meeah Williams claim to be Nadja Seven and use CZ Lovecraft’s address in Massachusetts? Questions were posted. No answers were forthcoming from those in a position to explain the odd affair. Only silence.

Now, faithful Tenderfoots, lightening has struck again and this time closer to the ranch. We have received an envelope containing this spectacular asemic work that reminds us of a rare tapestry. The work, approximately 8 X 10 inches, is one of the finest asemic works we have ever received. Here are some detail shots:

meeah - 12.9.2014 - 2

And another:

meeah - 12.9.2014 - 3

We doubt that anyone familiar with Meeah Williams’ work would deny she created this extraordinary piece. If anyone does object or have insights, please leave a comment! The envelope is equally spectacular and also includes the perplexing information that this was sent to us by an Alesandra Crowley (any relation to Aleister Crowley?) in Berkeley:

meeah - 12.9.2014 - 4

And the reverse:

meeah - 12.9.2014 - 5

We are thrilled to document asemics of this caliber but unsure how to thank the creator. Alesandra Crowley and her Berkeley address both appear to be complete fictions. Nadja Seven is a similar dead end; she might or might not have something to do with CZ Lovecraft, who is a real person. Is this a conspiracy? We wonder if we are part of some cleverly orchestrated mail-art event, the purpose of which is beyond us now but will be made clear eventually by the mastermind behind it. Until then, we are only hapless pawns. Will similar mailings be received (or have they already been received?) by unsuspecting others? Or is this the end? Another cold case in the bulging mail-art X Files?

An incredible trashbook was also included in this mailing also revealing Meeah Williams’ distinctive style:

meeah - 12.9.2014 - 6

We could speculate concerning cryptic messages, but it is simply all too vague.

meeah - 12.9.2014 - 7

Many layers of wonderful Trashpo are included.

meeah - 12.9.2014 - 8

Some especially cryptic messages on this page.

meeah - 12.9.2014 - 9

We are thrilled to be able to exhibit this FAB work on our humble pages but wearily resigned to the fact that the hard cases all seem to arrive on the MinXus-Lynxus doorstep. We hope that someday, all will be explained.


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  1. pamelaarts
    Dec 09, 2014 @ 18:51:38

    Love this! Trash Po layers are terrific. Thanks for sharing the photos.


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