MinXus Mail Bag: “Unmatched Eye – Dying Star” – A Celestial Artists Book by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland)

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 1

Cover of artists book by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland)

We received this spectacular boekie from Carina Granlund that showcases her recent experiments with black and white, minimal color anti-art. The title appears to be Unmatched Eye – Dying Star, and it utilizes writing and text to the point where we see this work as incorporating vispo and asemics.

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 2

Unmatched Eye – Dying Star has a total of 14 pages (panels) and is approximately 2.5 X 6 inches.

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 3

In keeping with work she is currently releasing, Carina Granlund uses a childlike scrawl in this book to generate automatic, associative writings and drawings. This is uncharacteristic of her formerly well-defined calligraphy and must, therefore, be a conscious experiment in creating anti-art and dissonance. Central to this piece are the connect-the-dot glyphs (which can be read as asemics) that invoke constellations: Canis Major (the big dog) and Sirius for instance. Animal forms also appear and disintegrate in Unmatched Eye – Dying Star.

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 4

The book pages are made of elegantly textured, torn, sometimes transparent paper that create layers of complexity. Ghostly printed text is clearly visible in the scan above.

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 5

The constellation theme creates a narrative cohesiveness in Unmatched Eye – Dying Star. The animal drawings might represent the constellations, but it is very likely that Carina Granlund is drawing from various iconic popcult images as well to play with the concept of the genesis of myth.

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 6

This page, posing a self-referential question, has all the qualities of contemporary vispo and frames all the book’s images and symbols.

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 7

A FAB drawing highlighting the dog imagery!

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 8

Constellations are connected to maps and charts. Unmatched Eye – Dying Star also invokes a journey or quest.

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 9

The book’s pages are separated by loose, transparent tissue sheets. We have removed these for documentation, but some of them do have small pieces taped to them. We are not sure why and wonder if they are meant to be part of the viewing experience. We think things look much better without them, but (above) is a shot of a page with transparent cover intact.

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 10

The book certainly seems to offer commentary on itself.

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 11

We would like to know how to fit the Earl of Derby into all this, other than viewing it as a radical disjunction or change of course.

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 12

More self-reflective commentary on the text itself?

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 13

As Unmatched Eye – Dying Star progresses, the structural elements that hold it together emerge.

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 14

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 15

Back cover of Unmatched Eye – Dying Star by Carina Granlund.

The book came in this altered, folded page of sturdy paper:

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 16

The reverse:

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 17

The outer packaging:

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 18

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 19

Carina - 12.6.2014 - 20

Many thanks to Carina Granlund for Unmatched Eye – Dying Star.



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